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Terri R Malek

I am an

Intuitive Healer, Master Energy Therapist, Spiritual Teacher,

Author, Educator, and Transformational Speaker

facilitating the emergence of individual truth and freedom.

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Who Am I? I AM…

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This program will allow participants to dive in deep and learn the four main characters that make up the whole of who they are. We will identify and name each of them based on beliefs, behaviors, instincts, and desires.

We will build an intimate relationship with each one of these dispositions through exploration into our consciousness and sub-conscious, our lightness and our darkness. This offers the opportunity to identify the root and learn about the energy behind the traits we embody. We will then integrate each of the four characters together into one main individual and assign it a power name that best represents our identity, the whole of who we are, the SELF.

Do you have aspects of you that you ignore; are afraid of; don’t understand; are ashamed of; that bring you feelings of guilt; that you hide at all cost; that comes in the harshest ways when backed into a corner; that brings you absolute sadness; that experiences states of depression; that feels alienated, neglected, or abandoned; or that is unloved, undervalued, and unappreciated? If any of these apply to you, understanding and building a relationship with these aspects of you will allow you to transform these thoughts and feelings into love, acceptance, embrace, and empowerment of all of you as a whole.




Akashic Soul Healing

Have you ever wondered where does your soul come from? Would you like to learn more about what your life purpose is and truly own that?

Akasha (meaning ether or air) is a universal etheric field in which a record of past events is imprinted, and is also known as “The Book of Life”.

I will delve deep into your soul’s memories in order to gain clarity and insight into your gifts, purpose, trainings, soul’s origin, life lessons, intuitive abilities, and much more. 


Mentorship for Self-Mastery Program

This program is customized to each participant, and is not designed in a “one size fits all” style. I work with you individually for 12 weeks by meeting you where you are in your journey. Utilizing my background, education, and skills in Energy Healing, Intuitive Healing, and Psychology; as well as my extensive studies and practice in consciousness, quantum physics, and alchemy. I will work with each individual to develop a curriculum specific to their blueprint and purpose. 


Transmutation Guidance Session

As the practitioner, I will align with your soul and the Divine in order to receive messages for you related to particular guidance you are seeking in your spiritual journey. A custom oracle card reading will be included in the session in order to offer additional divine guidance. This service offers a combination of intuitive services to include Akashic Records, Channeling, Soul Healing, and Card Readings.

The session will be recorded and sent to you upon completion, along with a twenty-one day practice for you to utilize in transmuting the root cause(s) into healing energy.


Other Services Include Reiki Sessions and Certification Classes.


Intuitive Healer & Master Energy Therapist




“I really cannot say enough good things about the center and Terri. I am learning to walk in my truth with consistent support but without specific rules or directions and receiving unconditional acceptance without any judgment. My first Reiki class was the turning point for me. Guided group meditations are incredibly relaxing and inspiring! All classes honor individuals' needs rather than a one-size-fits all approach. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

"Helping someone to see into their own heart is a very special gift. Terri Malek does this and looks for others who can do that too at Epiphysis."

"Epiphysis is an oasis of love, peace, and truth in our own backyard! The caliber of classes, instructors, and of course, the operator of it all, Terri, is nothing short of incredible! Highly recommend for all people from all backgrounds and walks of life. There is something for everyone at Epiphysis!"

"I highly recommend Epiphysis. It is a safe sanctuary for self-exploration and healing, connecting with wonderful people, and learning ways to integrate all of these lessons into your healthier life!"

"So understanding and fun! This place has really opened my mind."

"I love this amazing healing center! The owner, teachers and practitioners are wonderfully caring and dedicated. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed."

Terri R Malek

"Terri's mentorship program has been life changing for me. My first step on this journey was a Reiki session then Reiki training to follow. Once we got the energy flowing and I was more open, things began progressing rather quickly. I was fortunate to have this mentorship program in order to ask questions, from very specify to completely hypothetical or random. She also tailored our sessions based on my soul profile she contained through the Akashic Records and my interests. Since Terri is well versed in all things Spiritual she had prepared reading materials, book recommendations, and many tips. There are so many twists and turns on the Spiritual journey it only makes sense to have guides along the way. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone committed to living their Divine truth, but aren't sure where to start or where to go next."

“Terri is so intuitive and puts you completely at ease in her sessions. I felt very relaxed and peaceful after my Reiki session and found it to be an amazing experience. I highly recommend her!”

"Thank you for a wonderful session Terri! It was amazing as are you! I'm so excited about my journey. Looking forward to my next session!"

"I have recently received a most amazing reading by Terri Malek. The reading included a Quan Yin card deck. The images and energy were incredibly beautiful. Now, seven days later, I am still profoundly affected - I have the recording and can re-listen any time I choose. Powerful, accurate, compassionate and loving. I will definitely do this again. Terri, I am so grateful for you.”

“Your beauty and light just shines so bright! You speak from the heart and breath. You’re Awesome.”

"Terri Malek is a wonderful Reiki Master, my Reiki Master. She is there for you if you need her and is always willing to help if you need help with something."

" You are the BEST! It is an inspiration when someone realizes their potential and personal power, and shares that with others. God bless you!" 




My Path to Omega

a story of one's infinite journey into truth

Read her story.

         Walk in her footsteps.

      It is a journey just in reach if you only wish to make it happen.

         Are you willing to find your truth?

            Opening the door is only a page away...

In My Path to Omega, the road less traveled reaches beyond its metaphoric implications. This book represents 'rising above' what most people hesitate to achieve. From the spiritual awakenings during childhood to the forced hiding of her true self, Terri has stepped off the broad road and onto one of great joy. There was heartache. There were scars. Despite these obstacles, she chose to find her calling and advanced into a spiritual world most people never reach.


Educator & Transformational Speaker

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