My mission is to educate and hold space for myself and others in the journey of discovering one’s truth and owning it fully.

Truth is Freedom!

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I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy 25 years ago. At that time, I became very interested in Holistic Healing and spiritual growth. I have been studying and applying healing through nutrition and alternative holistic healing throughout the past two decades of my life, as well as following a very powerful path of healing through spirit.

I have lived with progressive scoliosis since I was a young child. After wearing a back brace for several years during my youth and even trying electrical shock therapy, I was released from treatment when I reached skeletal maturation at the age of 18. However, when I turned 28 I realized my deformities were becoming more and more apparent and I began experiencing some complications with breathing as well as with various organs. I had to undergo reconstructive surgery to stop the continued progression of my scoliosis. My 2 curves had increased from 35 degree curves to 70 degree curves in 10 years’ time. This only occurs in 10% of adults after skeletal maturation.

I was given a prognosis of being crippled within a few years and a life span not exceeding 38 years of age. I went through the surgery and spent a few years rehabilitating. I was able to return to my active lifestyle again to include hiking, cycling, kayaking, and eventually distance running.

I had another extensive surgery six years later and developed Celiac disease, as well as aversions to many foods and all chemicals (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). These ailments took several years to diagnose since they were not recognized by western medicine at that time.

I started adopting more and more holistic healing modalities over the next several years, with proper nutrition being at the forefront. Over time I began eating very whole and natural foods without preservatives and additives. I continued to heal my body through nutrition. Over the years I began adding plant based supplements, Massage, Zone Therapy, Yoga, Chiropractic care, and eventually various types of energy healing to include Reiki.


My Story

My story is an evolving story that will continue throughout my life. Every experience of my life was leading me to where I am now. Despite my healthy lifestyle and pursuit of holistic healing modalities, I had emotional and mental healing that had to occur to bring about management of symptoms and physical healing.

During a time I was getting regular massages in order to reduce my stress and aid in pain management, my Massage Therapist and dear friend suggested I look into Reiki. A colleague of hers had been attuned to Level 1 and was looking for individuals to offer sessions to. In between hearing about Reiki and receiving my first powerful treatment, I was introduced to another form of energy healing and after only a thirty minute session experienced a major life changing epiphany, an epiphany that would lead me to become a Master Energy Therapist one day practicing numerous modalities.

When I went through my first Reiki session, it was a difficult and empowering experience. This particular Practitioner shared visions she had of my present life, as well as my future. She recognized areas of my body that were in states of dis-ease, but more importantly, emotional issues that were deeply buried.

A couple of years later, what had become my mental sacred space used in my meditations, which had been formed from an actual place on the edge of Pike National Forest in Colorado Springs, burned down during rampant fires that swept through areas of Colorado. I was devastated and could no longer see my sacred space in my mind.

Meditation ceased for me and I felt I lost a piece of myself. What was even more impactful was the memory of my first Reiki session and the vision the Practitioner had of a large burned down area with tiny sprigs of green popping up as it tried to rebuild itself. I was blown away at the uncanny “coincidence”.

Through energy healing, my sacred space began renewal and transformation that allowed me to enter a whole new world of healing. I kept getting messages that I should be doing Reiki as a Practitioner. I had been learning as well that there are no coincidences in life, only connections. I started receiving signs everywhere.

My husband had been terminally ill at the time of my first Reiki session and I felt it would be something I might pursue someday. As circumstances changed and my husband’s health transitioned and improved, the signs became stronger and stronger. Everything lined up just right and off to Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck New York I went. That year I received my Level 1, Level 2, and Master Level Certification from Brett Bevell and started a Reiki healing Practice.

The karmic, emotional, mental, and physical healing brought about on this journey was beyond what I could ever imagine or hope for; as my spiritual journey strengthened. I came to learn what my life’s purpose is and truly understand and embrace who I am. My life became all about truth, love, balance, and purpose. I made a commitment to follow my life’s calling as guided by all that is Divine.

Reiki was instrumental in healing my mind, body, and spirit. It brought me so much inner peace as well as pain relief. By removing emotional, mental, and physical energy blockages, I was able to be my joyful authentic self and follow my purpose.

As my path unfolded further, I wrote a book about my healing journey, “My Path to Omega”, and expanded into deeper consciousness beyond what I could ever imagine. My waking up allows more and more remembering every day as my truth unfolds and emerges. I work daily on integration, alignment, and balance of all of me; and my practice has evolved into mentoring others in their personal journeys of connecting to their soul, to self, and to Source. Truth is Freedom!