Truth Told

As I sit here feeling my heartbeat in my chest so powerful I can hear it audibly, my stomach churning as if it is filled with butterflies, and my breathing becoming more and more shallow; I stop and take a few deep breaths to slow down the adrenaline rushing throughout my entire physical body!  What is the cause of this pulsing of energy? It is the very act of posting my book release date and sending out invitations. This is a moment of both pure exhilaration and joy, whilst also bringing about a sense of panic.

“Why” you might ask would you be in a state of fear about such an amazing milestone in your life? Because this is NOT fiction!  This is a story of absolute truth. This book contains elements of my life and the lessons learned along the way. It is a book that encourages each of us to explore deeply within ourselves, to gain glimpses of who we really are at our core. The book is story that continues to unfold daily. Although the book ends with stories from two and a half years ago, I continue to experience, explore, and write of new developments.

I write my story for my own healing, but it became something much bigger. I was always so very private and did not share any of my story or truth. Why? Read the book and much will be revealed. However, I was guided so very strongly by all that is Divine that I must publish this book for not only my own healing, but as in invitation to others to take the opportunity to look within themselves. I encourage everyone to see how the unfolding of their lives has created the entirety of their conscious and sub-conscious reality. In exploring our own truth, the process of accepting more and more of our authentic self rather than judging it offers such healing and self-love.   

I know these nerves are part of the process. The first time I hit the “proof approved” button in error on my printer site, I almost had a full blown panic attack. I kept saying, “it’s not ready!!!”. Truthfully, it will never be ready to my standards, as the stories unfold and change every single day. I am not the same person today I was yesterday, much less the same person I was over the years. Also, I was truly saying, “I am not ready!!!”

I share this truth because after all, the book is about truth. It is about removing the illusions, self-created personas, masks, and misbeliefs that plague us all; regardless of the reason. If you would like to expand consciousness and know more about what creates your life patterns; then join me in a journey of stories filled with humor, shock, trauma, and epiphanies.            

Terri MalekComment