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It is with a heavy heart that I share openly today. As I write from a space of emotions flowing freely, I struggle to find words to express this. Choosing a fight or flight approach feeds the separateness mentality that is a third dimensional concept that is so heavily rooted in fear. Coming together as a “community” to “fight” for rights, a cause, an organization, a belief, ANYTHING is creating separation and divide. In doing this, one is only feeding the fears, creating more of what they are fighting against.

It is the basic Law of Attraction. We attract what we put out. We reap what we sow. If we put out that we are a victim, we will attract more situations that place us as a victim. STOP being a victim. STOP attracting the very thing you don’t want. STOP being the resistance. It is in the resistance that we go against the flow of nature, of universal laws, of Source, of God, of the Divine.

Acceptance is LOVE. Allowing is LOVE. We create our own reality. If we want a reality where we are not a victim, we create that. It is a state of mind. It is the thoughts and beliefs that we choose to adopt that create separation or interconnectedness, victimhood or freedom, fear or love, intolerance or acceptance. We have many years, decades, centuries, millennia of being conditioned and programmed as a society, as a species that we are separate; that we must live in a fight or flight mode for survival. We are even taught to fear God!   

This is only our truth if we adopt it as our truth. We each have a unique identity that makes us a part of the whole. We are puzzle pieces that all connect together to make one. It is our birthright to be that individual we came here to be, to fulfill our dharma, our life’s purpose. However, we do this through integrating all sides of ourselves and interconnecting with others. We unite through acceptance, allowing, and awareness. Our empowerment comes through integrating all sides of our self, our light and our shadows. In doing this, we release and transmute our fears into power, peace, passion, and purpose.

I was feeling a sense of urgency to put my message out strongly today. I usually am patient and at peace about when, how, and to whom my message will go out. I am so strongly guided every moment of every day in this journey; that I trust it and have faith in it. Actually, it is the other way around. I have faith and trust in myself and Source; therefore I am strongly guided. I choose to attract this.

In feeling a heavy heart, I felt I was being strongly guided, pushed, to step out there even more; to stop worrying about everyone’s feelings, to stop filtering my message and words, to be more assertive perhaps. I asked is this it? Do I need to step out of my way and be more assertive in delivering my message, in affecting change and awareness? Within five minutes I got correspondence from three individuals whose lives I have affected; who have stepped into their truth more and more every day; who are finding freedom in following their truth, their heart, their passion, and their purpose.

None of these people live in my geographical area, and one is not even in the country I live in. Just when I was thinking I must go bigger, I get clarity that my messages are far reaching already. I get encouragement to stay the course and the people and opportunities will be delivered to me. My message is received as it should be. I am called to deliver it as I do because that is my purpose, my calling. Delivering it as someone else might be called to do so is not my truth. I know this. I live this. I am grateful for this.    

I will keep living my truth, learning, growing, accepting, embracing, allowing, and aligning with Source and Self. I AM. I do not need to put any words after that because I just am. Doing so can be empowering, but it can also create separateness. For today, I AM is enough, more than enough. It is truth; it is freedom.  


Learn my story of how I found my favorite artist below.  She touches my soul at a depth like no other with her artwork, her passion, and her love of life!  But first, read her amazing words about TRUTH, my favorite subject! 

Also, I have included images of the two pieces of artwork that she just finished related to her writing.  WOW!  Don’t forget to read my story of how she inspires and touches my life always.  We never know where and how we will find the connections and messages in our lives, the puzzle pieces of our soul. 

By Melissa Marie Collins
"My latest finished piece. 
I am very passionate about people living the truth of how they are made and not camouflaging who they are to faux fit in. I know about this. In my younger years I tried to faux fit in. It didn't work out. I am still trying to get used to the skin I am in and why I am on the planet. You guys, this isn't easy, but it is worth it to live from the inside out. 

Ok, here are my words for the art. 
I hope that it blesses you deep into your bones:

Each one of us is a unique shape
We are not perfect squares
We have edges and smooth parts
In different amounts and positions

here is room in this life for all of us
Everyone fits
No one is excluded

You get to be you
I get to be me

In fact,
We need you to be you
Me to be me
To fulfill God's destiny
In our lives
And impact this planet we are living on

The truth is, 
Our heart knows
The destiny written on it
Others cannot hear it like you can
That is not how we are designed

What matters most is
Can you hear your heart?
Will you accept your shape?
Will you allow yourself to be purified?
Will you accept your original design?
Will you release judgement and expectation?
And just be your colorful shape?

And then do the same for those around you.
Let them be
Let them fit
And let them fit the puzzle of life"

Visit Melissa Marie Collin's Facebook page to see her artwork.
isit Frond Design Studio's Facebook page to see all of the fabric lines and artists.

Several years ago, in the spring of 2013, I was walking through Dallas Market Hall to return to our booth for set up activities with my mom for the annual Dallas Quilt Show.  We always had two days to set up for the three day show.  This was the second day of set up, and we were getting close to finished. 

Something caught my eye, but then did so much more.  It took my breath away and touched my soul so deeply.  It was a fabric panel with an artistic tree painted on it.  Trees truly speak to me, and I love the Tree of Life symbol.  The brush strokes, the colors, and the energy drew me in like no other piece of art I had encountered.  It was fun, vibrant, and whimsical; while at the same time holding so much depth.

The next morning I stopped to see what it was all about.  I learned it was a fabric line called Frond Design Studios that was ran by artists.  All prints were hand designed paintings on canvas, placed onto screens, and commercially printed onto fabric.  This particular one was called Healing Tree by Melissa Marie Collins.  I was filled with gratitude when my aunt and her dear friend bought it for me the next day because they knew how very much it touched me.

I began researching this fabric line and learned more about it.  I was completely blown away at every single print they had!  When my mom, my aunt, and I went to the fall International Quilt Market in Houston, TX in 2014; I not only had the luxury of visiting the booth and meeting the owner Stephanie Brandenburg and the other artists; but personally got to meet and visit with Melissa Marie Collins.  I learned some of her story of her healing journey.  I shared that I am in Holistic Healing, and that my entire life has been about my healing journey.  We connected immediately, and I felt a friendship was started that day. 

My mom, aunt, and I got to order some of the fabric lines for the store, and we never looked back.  I became a buyer for the Frond line for my mom’s amazing quilt shop in Whitesboro, TX, Kaleidoscope Quilt Shop.  Melissa has become a dear friend to me, as we follow each other and talk on social media and messenger.  She inspires me beyond words to continue following my dreams, always! 

I have my first art quilt close to completed, and it includes her second tree panel called Tree of Life.  I also recently was gifted a beautiful hand painted piece of fabric from my lovely mom that will border the first panel I received as a gift.  These two pieces will be hung in my own Holistic Healing Center and Practice, as well as other items I have made using various prints by Frond.    

am so excited to have the opportunity to visit with Melissa again this next weekend as we travel to this year’s International Quilt Market in Houston again.  We will get a sneak peak of the new lines coming out, and I’m sure I will be elated, and yet again, inspired!    

In the month of September I was focusing on self-love with my clients and students.  On my e-newsletter for my Holistic Center, I actually called it Self-Love September.  In each of my Reiki Circles and sessions, and in my classes, I have incorporated self-love.

This past week two separate friends posted a challenge to list at least one thing you love about yourself.  I accepted the challenge on the first post, and then extended this challenge to my private Facebook group for my students.  I did get a few wonderful responses, although most did not respond.  The second challenge put out by a separate friend was to also actually make a live video for Facebook and post that.  I will accept this challenge this week as I feel called.

All of this leads up to this blog article.  I truly see so much resistance from people to say something they love about themselves.  Social conditioning is such that we are taught to love our self is to be vain, egotistical, pompous, etc.  We are also given a very negative stigma of selfishness.  If we engage in acts of self-care, then we are selfish.  There truly is a difference between being self-absorbed and selfishness. 

To address self-love first, let me describe what this means to me.  Acceptance is LOVE.  When we remove expectations and judgments of our self or another person or situation, then we are able to allow love to flow in.  We create an ideal self in this world that we learn to cling to and identify with.  This is created as a coping mechanism to fit in, as well as a way to repress and ignore our shadows, the darkness within that we have been conditioned to believe is bad. 

Then we learn to love this ideal self or persona we have created.  The more and more we cling to this, the less and less we truly love our authentic self, our true self.  Healing is a journey of coming back to our authentic self, our truth.  It is imperative to reveal our authentic self piece by piece as we lose our created identity.  Losing our created identity is a tough journey and can be very painful at times.  I liken it to the metamorphosis of a butterfly.  It is most necessary to experience the transformation from a caterpillar into chrysalis, and a chrysalis into a butterfly.  Some spiritual practices or organized religions refer to aspects of this process as being born again, and others refer to it as the death of the ego.  It is a complete metamorphosis.  It is not a singular focus on just a death or birth aspect.

This life cycle also goes through different layers or depths of healing; therefore, it may feel like you are repeating a metamorphosis that you have already experienced.  It is a new one.  Each time you go through this process, it is more beautiful than the time before.  We gain more appreciation and clarity, yielding a more vibrant life.  A dear friend yesterday referred to coming out of the shadows as a time to truly see the magic unfold.  This is absolutely what we experience.

On the topic of self-care, these are ways we can nurture our self during the process of the transformation, as well as ways to maintain the magic after the re-birth.  Self-care is not selfish, but absolutely necessary.  Self-care is imperative in order for our healing.  To look again at the life cycle of a butterfly, a beautiful winged creature that can fry freely is unable to be birthed if it does not have protection during the chrysalis phase.

Self-care requires us to be gentle with ourselves along the way, what we call healing.  This is a moment to moment thing.  Years ago I thought taking one or two hours a week for me to participate in healing modalities was self-care.  I just could not understand why these practices were not healing me, and why I was still feeling stressed and anxious.  Learning that self-care is done in everything we do, in every experience, is paramount in our transformation.

Self-care is not only getting healing sessions, taking body movement classes, spending time in nature, eating healthy meals, getting plenty of sleep, meditating and/or praying, learning about personal growth, doing the things we enjoy, spending time with the people we love; but also creating and adhering to healthy boundaries, knowing and speaking our truth, and surrendering.  We must surrender to the transformation.  Surrendering means learn who we truly are, allowing the created self, or the persona, to fall away so the true self can emerge from the chrysalis.  Self-care is all of these things. 

Society has taught us that to allow this process is selfish.  Selfish has gained a negative connotation connected to self-care.  Selfishness is not self-care.  Putting oneself first is not selfish, or a negative action.  This notion was created by others so they can have power over us.  There is a false notion that in having power over others, we are in control.  We are taught through fear to keep ourselves in check with certain created illusions so that uniformity can be maintained within society.  We adopt attachments to emotions such as guilt or shame if we do not adhere to these.  This is what stops the metamorphosis process.  It is likened to a predator to the chrysalis.   

You, and only you, are responsible for yourself and your life.  Giving that freedom to people, institutions, or organizations will stop the life cycle process that you came here to co-create and experience.  Being self-absorbed is not the same as selfishness either.  To be self-absorbed is living in the illusion of power, while living in the created identity or persona.  It is the opposite of surrender. 

ind it in within yourself to find self-love through nurturing and surrendering.  Learn who your authentic self is, and live your truth.  Allow the beautiful transformation to unfold, and know that the change that is found on the other side is pure magic.  

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Indie Inspiration


What a fabulous weekend at IndieVengeance Day 2016!  This fourth annual event was held at Half Price Books in Frisco, TX Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.  This was my second year to volunteer, and oh what an honor it always is to be amoungst great independent authors that are also great friends.
I have been a writer since I was a young adult.  I wrote poetry throughout college, as well as some short stories.  I actually have volumes of spiral notebooks from that time frame, twenty-five years ago, stored in plastic bins in the garage.  I have not even so much as opened them in years!  I wrote many lengthy research papers for my degree in Psychology as well. 
I did technical writing for a position I held in my prior career.  Later I wrote articles for local magazines during my time as a co-owner of an adventure sport’s store in the first decade of the two thousand’s.  Then in 2013 I began writing a book and a blog page.  This book began emerging as part of my healing journey.  I had no intention of publishing it necessarily, but over time kept getting messages that it was to be published when the time was right.  Although I have made attempts several times to get that process rolling, it has been slow going and continues to linger on my computer’s hard drive.  I am about half way through writing the first draft of my second book. 
These amazing people always inspire me in such monumental ways to not only publish what I have written, but to continue writing and recognize that I am an author.  I know I am, but I also know I am the one blocking myself from the next steps.  Even though circumstances such as not having enough beta readers, not enough resources for an editor, losing my graphic designer, or life getting overwhelmingly hectic at times are ever present realities, I can manifest this if I truly want to.  I am creating these very blocks sub-consciously so that I don’t have to deal with certain aspects of this process.  These aspects involve disclosure to other people. 
Since my book is non-fiction about my own healing journey, it is very personal and will definitely impact others.  This is hard for me, as that is not my intent.  My intent is to help others look within to their own truth and learn how to own it, embrace it, and release judgment of it.  We are exactly who we are, and should never try to be any less or any different.  We should always feel empowered to live our own truth, as that is our purpose.
This weekend I not only got to spend some wonderful quality time with great friends, as well as make some fabulous new ones, I continually got accolades that yet again motivated me into movement.  I kept hearing phrases like “Terri is a poet too”, and “you too are an author”.  I also got to share a little bit with some individuals about what my inspiration for writing is.   
I had the pleasure of meeting my to-be editor.  This was a huge and exciting step for me!  I also recently procured my next beta reader, who will be a big part of my publishing process.  I have now officially e-mailed my draft for book one to my next beta reader, and again have started the process. 
So to all my amazing friends, students, clients, and fellow authors that encourage me to live my truth every day, and publish it for those that are called to read it, I say thank you from the very depths of me!  You inspire me every day to live fully, love fully, and to share fully!    

Watch a fabulous video made by Rita Ownby Holcomb       
Photo's featured here credit to Claudette Peercy

Author Jacqueline E. Smith gifting me a pocket butterfly pendant. I LOVE it!

Author Jacqueline E. Smith gifting me a pocket butterfly pendant. I LOVE it!

Author and creator of IndieVengeance Day Amber Jerome~Norrgard. Our first photo shoot together. We had fun!

Author and creator of IndieVengeance Day Amber Jerome~Norrgard. Our first photo shoot together. We had fun!


As I got ready to embark on a trip to the Dallas area to see Elizabeth Gilbert speak live, the excitement welled up in me.  I also knew I would get to share this experience with my dear friend.  What I did not know was there was a big adventure ahead of me that evening and the following day.

As I pumped gas into my truck and cleaned out the trash in it, I noticed the pumps were going very slow.  I have had this happen a lot lately at various gas stations, so I had no reason to think this should be alarming.  There were a lot of vehicles there, so I just assumed the volume of gas being pumped caused the slow down. 

While waiting on the pumps, I replied to some text messages and organized the stuff inside my vehicle.  I spoke with a nice gentleman that said if these pumps go any slower, he was going to have to go home and shave his 5’oclock shadow.  Funny man and we made light of the situation. 

My drive to the city from the small town I was working in that day was for the most part pleasant.  I noticed my vehicle not having as much get up and go as usual.  It hesitated a few times on the up hills.  I had just gotten my vehicle inspected and all was fine, but noted I would need to check this out upon returning home.

While listening to a great artist on the radio I drove to the event.  I love solo trips, or doing just about anything by myself for that matter.  I love traveling alone, taking walks alone, shopping alone, eating alone, etc.  I do love my tribe, and people in general, but value my alone time immensely as it recharges my batteries and brings me back to balance.

I arrived early and decided to go ahead and purchase one of Liz’s pre-signed books.  I chose Big Magic!  As I was making my purchase I saw the excited star struck look on the faces of the ladies checking me out.  I knew she was in the building by the jaws dropping and the chatter about her new shorter hair style.  I turned around and saw Elizabeth Gilbert walking right behind me.  Very basic pleasantries were exchanged as she entered into the side stage door.  She is just as beautiful in person, and her energy is powerful!

I ran into a couple of friends and we visited for a short while.  When my other friend arrived we decided to get a snack prior to the event.  After we caught up on the goings on of our lives, we got in line to go inside the venue.  I realized my book was no longer with me.  I had placed it in a chair with my purse and sweater while eating a banana, but realized it was no longer in my presence.  I knew immediately that it went to someone else.  I decided they needed it more than I did.

Although we did attempt to locate it by retracing my steps, I knew it found a new home.  I decided to go ahead and go inside the auditorium and knew I would consider purchasing another one after the show if I felt so led.  My dear friend went to the table to see if anyone by chance turned one in that was found.  I went inside and sat down, as the performance was to start in about three minutes.

I knew the minute I sat down she was purchasing another book for me.  Oh my, I did not want her to do that.  It was my error and I was okay with it, although disappointed of course, but knew it happened as it should.  She gifted me another signed copy.  I was honored and so grateful to have this book again, and for it to come from such a very special person in my life.  I placed it safely inside my bag this time!

The show was amazing!  Liz Gilbert puts on a fantastic performance.  I laughed and cried, but mostly laughed.  She is hilarious and her story telling skills are impeccable.  You really feel you are there with her the entire time sharing in her experiences.  Stories of her recent international book tour took you on the road with her.  These were not stories of the glamorous aspects of it either, but real truths revealed by the people and happenings of the trip.

After the show we saw another dear friend of ours and walked to the parking garage together as we visited.  It was a pleasant evening all around and my mind was thinking about a potential blog article about what I learned from the whole evening.  As we watched the parking garage empty out and were left alone, we wrapped up our conversation and said our good byes.  Our sharing was deep and impactful in our journeys, so I was appreciative of that time.

I settled into my vehicle for my long drive back home and my truck would not start.  After a couple of attempts it started making a big sound as if I was accelerating while it was in park.  Then it stalled out, then died, and then put a black smoke cloud out that smelled like oil.  I knew I had gotten some bad gas and this was not a good situation at 11:00pm at night in a town where I did not live.

I got my friends attention before she left.  We attempted for a bit to trouble shoot and decide what to do.  My intuition told me to leave it parked and figure something out in the morning, but what I would do for the evening was beyond me.  In our exhausted haste to get me on my way, we tried to get the truck backed up enough to get it out of the garage only to somehow get it parked in three parking spaces going on a decline toward a brick wall.  This was not good!  This is why I know to always go with my intuition.  I knew to leave it parked until morning, but in my exhausted and overwhelmed state, did not make good decisions.

I set my emergency break and left it.  After much deliberation on what to do next, I decided I would attempt to reach my Aunt that lived in McKinney on the off chance she was still awake.  She answered on the second ring and was still awake.  Now understand it was not as simple as just calling her.  As I said, I was already in an unbalanced state of exhaustion and overwhelm, so I had to go through emotions of fear and worry first.  I was concerned about waking her and my Uncle.  Fears of the repercussions of potential health problems for them as a result came to mind.  I then realized this was all ridiculous.  I had to at least try to reach her, as I had no other place to go. 

As she answered the phone I felt a calm and peace come over me at this point.  I was able to tell her what my situation was without being too dramatic.  My girlfriend took me to meet my Aunt so I could go and stay with her at her house.  We knew in the morning we would figure out our next move with the truck.

I also texted another dear friend in Richardson prior to reaching my Aunt, as my husband sent a message suggesting I contact her.  I felt badly for getting her all wrapped up in it, but thought she could at least come sit with me while waiting in case my other friend wanted to drive home.  She had a little bit of a drive and had to work very early the next day.  It was nice to have the support of so many though.  My husband and I share a vehicle and he was over sixty miles away with no way to come get me.  The support of friends and family were so appreciated!

I arrived back to my Aunt’s house hungry and thirsty.  We found a snack for me and I showered and went to bed utterly fatigued by it all.  I did not sleep long, but did get some moments of deep rest.  I spent time reading, doing Reiki, and in prayer first to bring balance back into my body.

Waking before sunrise, I laid in bed until the sun emerged over the horizon.  I got dressed and ready for what would prove to be a day of adventure; however, all worked out well.  My Uncle found the nearest Nissan dealer and I called to make arrangements to get the vehicle towed there.  My Aunt and I met the tow truck driver at the parking garage.  He was a very nice and professional young man.  My service technician at the dealership was very thorough and professional as well.  Considering the situation I was in, I felt calm and peace at this point.

We went to breakfast and had a wonderful visit.  Toward the end of eating I began sharing some of what I have been dealing with emotionally about getting the publishing process started for my book.  Since this is a memoir about my personal journey of healing, it raises so many emotions every time I revisit it.  Although I have experienced so much healing in my journey, those deep scars still hurt when pressure is placed on them.  Our scars can heal, but just as scar tissue of a physical scar remains sensitive, our emotional scar tissue does as well. 

My Aunt played the part of a cherished family member, a friend, and therapist during the breakfast; as she has during my whole life.  I have a connection with her unlike many others in my family.  I say she is like my second Mom, and for that I am grateful!

Her listening ears and gentle support were just what I needed.  As we drove back to her house I got the call about the truck.  The good news was that my fuel injectors were okay, which meant the vehicle could be repaired.  The bad news was the entire rest of my fuel system had to be flushed out, dropped out of the vehicle, cleaned and/or rebuilt with new parts, and then tested for a clean system.  This would be about $1500.00.  It was deemed that the culprit was bad gasoline that had been mixed with diesel.  I had no choice.  I had to do the repairs and get my transportation back, but this was steep for me and not in the plans.  I also knew though that I could file a claim later through the company that sold me the bad gasoline.   

I had to go ahead and give them the approval to do the repairs, as well as accept help with this financially.  I accepted the help graciously.  Upon returning to the house, I grabbed my new book and headed outside to the hammock.  I enjoyed lying there for a while just watching the trees sway in the wind.  Observing the squirrels play and challenge each other territorially and the beautiful species of birds everywhere were the highlight of my afternoon.  A female cardinal landed by my feet and just watched me with curiosity.  We had a little conversation about just being in the moment.

After some time soaking up nature and reflecting on the lessons and gifts of this experience, I began reading Big Magic.  It was a great afternoon filled with much needed grounding time alone.  Then we went for a late lunch at my favorite restaurant, Zoe’s.  Always a great experience!!!  During our time there I realized I had not spoken to my husband all day.  The only way we had to communicate was through internet and I later learned our internet was down.  I contacted a friend to go over and check on him and let him know what I was dealing with the on the truck.  He advised of a couple of things needed at home and I was able to take care of it distantly with phone calls. 

I did however have a little emotional break down again and told my Aunt I am just so tired.  In the last month and a half I have felt like I am in a blender full of crap!  The metaphor of the non-beneficial fuel in the fuel system of my truck and the non-beneficial energies in my life were apparent.   So many turbulent situations and energies of other people were constantly pinging at me.  I felt every single moment I was hit with something new.  I could not get through one thing before another turbulent situation would hit me.

I had no blame for anyone else for this.  I had no anger or displacement of this.  I knew that I was dealing with my own inner storm and yet another big transition in my life as I began putting my truth, my personal story out there via interviews and my book.  There were conversations that needed to be had first, and until I could bring myself to do that, I could not fully go forth with publishing.  I knew it was all part of my journey, but it still did not make it any easier.  Again, I was grateful for the opportunity to have someone to share with.

I know what I have to do next, and accept this as part of my growth and healing.  The right timing and situations to do what is needed will present themselves if I am open and not in resistance any longer.  I will not ignore or fight the fears of this, but will embrace them and dance with them until fears subside and freedom ensues again. 

To those who played a role in this adventure of the last couple of days, thank you!  For you, I am grateful.  For the lessons, I am grateful.  For the receiving, I am grateful.       

Terri Malek Goes Live


View a trailer for my upcoming extensive interview to be aired in the next week!  Truth is Freedom.

Epiphysis - Holistic Healing & Educational Center was featured on KXII this past weekend as a part of a segment on health. It was an honor and a pleasure to interview with Rita. Feel free to watch the video and share in order to learn about what we offer here at the Center. Thank you for your support. Click on the video titled Holistic Health Epiphysis Center.

My mini alter of gifts next to my meditation area.

My mini alter of gifts next to my meditation area.

As a giver, receiving was not always easy for me.  I would gladly accept what was being offered, and with much gratitude and appreciation.  I thought I had learned to receive, which is imperative in being open to what the Divine is also offering us.  If we desire something in our lives, but aren’t open to receive, we will experience repeated obstacles and blocks.

I had finally opened up after many, many years of being so reserved and secret about my truth and who I truly am.  I would not ask for or receive help from others along my life’s journey unless I was at rock bottom and in complete despair.  Even then, it came with a self-imposed price.

Recently I had to go even deeper into my core and do more shadow work on my deepest, darkest emotion, GUILT.  Not guilt for any one particular situation, not guilt for having done something harmful to others, but just guilt in general.  Anytime I received generosity from others, I was so grateful, but then when I felt I couldn’t reciprocate to that particular person in a similar way, I would feel guilt at a subconscious level. 

This also applied to other areas of my life, where guilt would rear itself because I was raised, like all of our western society, being taught that we are sinners, we are less than, and have to earn our worth.  This creates deep, dark emotions in us that are not even conscious.  Limiting beliefs that we must always reciprocate and sacrifice in order to pay for our worth are so embedded, that it can take years of self-exploration and spiritual growth to see the truth.  Many do not even venture to expose and embrace their truth.

Although we each have our own truth specific to us, one very universal truth is that we are all here to be truly ourselves, to live in our truth, to contribute to the whole of the universe, to oneness.  Each of us has our own unique imprint and personality that when embraced is a beautiful force of the Divine that will move mountains.  We each have our own individual purpose that is part of the whole universal purpose of raising consciousness, awareness.  We are all a part of the Divine Consciousness; therefore, how can we be less than?  How can we not be worthy?  We are all exactly who we are to be, and exactly where we need to be.  Each of us is perfect as we are, and knowing that allows us to continue to grow and evolve into our true essence more and more.

Over the last couple of years I have really learned to allow and grow healthy relationships.  I would accept giving and receiving gladly among these people in my closest circle.  I gained full trust of these individuals and rarely felt guilt, but it was still there if the gift was beyond what I felt I could return.  I would think of it often and how I should reciprocate, but would find myself retreating more and more into myself if I did not know how to give back.  My conscious mind would know that following my path and my divine purpose was all that I needed to give back, and of course show my appreciation for whatever was given to me, but my subconscious and even deeper unconscious mind would manifest in the form of limiting beliefs, feelings, and emotions. 

These past couple of weeks I have experienced many beautiful examples of the universe giving back to me.  I have worked on being in alignment with God/Source at a deeper intensity, and therefore was able to receive on a whole new level.  I have received prayers, energy healing/coaching/clearing, unyielding love and support, healthy makeup and skin care products, magical crystals, and clothing that reflects my energy.  I have been in such a place of gratitude for all of these so much so that I was better able to receive from my Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Beings, Elementals; and all that is Divine.  The transformation I have experienced this week alone was powerful beyond what I could possibly express in my human consciousness.  I have seen much of my guilt dissolve and dissipate, transmute into the ethers and renew as love and light. 

I am excited and blessed to be the Maid of Honor of a dear friend of mine with a soul that reaches beyond her physical presence like no other I have known.  She is full of life with a fervent energy, and never refrains from showing her beautiful passion.  I went for my dress fitting this week and her dear, precious mother purchased my dress for me.  I have met her on rare occasions, but feel a strong connection to her magnetic soul.  This was a very generous gift that I am immensely appreciative of.  I felt so humbled.    

In a time of me spending all my energy on being in my life’s purpose, and truly doing all that I can as guided by the Divine to be in alignment so that I may manifest healing and spiritual growth for myself, while helping others do the same; the universe showed me that I could receive in great and powerful ways.  I have made a commitment that no matter what, my primary priority will always be to do the work individually and universally that I was called to do; to serve the purpose that I came here to serve; to create the life I came here to create.  Allowing myself to receive such generous gifts of love from others is only one example of how I can do this.

Later that day I was gifted a beautiful stone with a write up of its qualities that was selected specifically for me by my friend’s mother.  She knows my soul spiritually, although our time together in person has been minimal.  It fits me in EVERY single aspect.  Her talents are magical and divine.  The more I read the write up she provided, the stronger I know myself and my truth.  This gift of truth, love, and beauty will carry me through the remainder of this life with powerful guidance.  This stone was personally picked for me is Pink Manganocalcite.  My dear friend and bride also gifted me some adorable clothes that fit my personality perfectly, as well as fabulous fabric scraps that I can create with.  What a fun and magical day it was of sharing, giving, and receiving.

The next morning I decided to treat myself to a small cup of coffee before I taught my Reiki class.  I had given up decaffeinated coffee completely a month ago, as to eliminate even more chemicals from my already clean diet.  I allow myself a half a cup of caffeinated coffee a couple times a week.  I actually buy one cup and split it over a couple of days, as coffee itself can have some very healing qualities if it is not a brand laced with chemicals. 

There was a lady in front of me in the drive in of our amazing local coffee shop that roasts their own high quality coffee beans.  The gentleman came out to my vehicle and took my order and my payment.  He brought my coffee and my payment back to me and informed me the lady in front of me bought my coffee.  I have heard of this happening and always thought I wanted to do that for someone someday.  I was so overcome with gratitude and joy.  I realized I did not know this woman that delivered a beautiful message from the angels, but I pulled up beside her and waved.  She rolled down her window and I said, “thank you so very much.  I will pay it forward”.  She gave me a thumbs-up and said something to the effect of “that’s perfect”.  I pulled to the end of the ally and stopped right then and there and said my prayer of gratitude.  I offer prayers of gratitude at least twice a day, but usually much more.  It really is true that if we live in gratitude, we always get more abundance.  It is the Law of Attraction and the Law of Compensation. 

As my student arrived for her class, she too brought more adorable clothes for me to sort through that she was giving to me.  All of these clothes from both friends are in excellent shape, and truly will offer me a gift that will keep on giving.  I shared some of my dear stories of receiving with my student, and newfound friend.  We met late last year and our friendship has grown beautifully.  She is an angel with spiritual gifts that abound.  By the end of the conversation, I also received a gift I had been seeking for six months.  I found my Art Therapist for Epiphysis. 

I am in such a state of receiving now and releasing more and more of the feelings of guilt daily.  I am so grateful to God for sending all of these angels and gifts to me, and showing me I can receive, not only give.  I will continue to commit daily, hourly, and in every moment to be the person I truly am and to serve the purpose I came here to serve.  I am grateful beyond words for all the Divine guidance I receive constantly, and all the many gifts I receive along my journey that not only offer me lessons and messages, but allow me to serve in the way I was called to serve.  Namaste.        

Messages in Adventure


The weekend started off with sleeping in on Saturday morning.  After working long hours for several weeks in a row, I needed sleep!  I awoke first and spent some time meditating and reflecting.  Then we began preparing and packing for our overnight kayaking/camping trip.  The excitement built for days, but when those boats got pulled out next to the truck to be loaded I was like a little kid filled with anticipation. 

I must say here that I was thrilled my husband Tim repaired my boat and got it all cleaned up for me the day before.  He also collected all of our gear and stacked it up so that I would not have to do all of that on top of working a long week.  I am truly blessed by him in so many ways.

So the boats and all of our kayaking and camping gear got loaded into the truck and we were on our way.  We headed to the western part of Lake Texoma and put our boats in at Juniper Point.  This is my favorite part of the lake, as it has everything!  Hiking, camping, paddling, boating, fishing, and divine sunsets; however, the huge boats are not on this part of the lake so it makes paddling and solitude easier. 

We decided to paddle over the Oklahoma side since their beaches are sandy; whereas the Texas side is very rocky.  I love the rocky side for hiking, but the sandy beaches were calling us for this excursion. 
The day was gorgeous!  The winds were only four MPH and the water looked like blue glass.  Our paddling trip was about six miles long.  Although the water was smooth, it was still taxing for me at times since it had been so long since I had done this amazing activity.  We actually paddled much further than where we camped.

Our spot was calling to us and showed us a wonderful stretch of beach that was away from people and debris.  It was clean, quiet, and backed by miles of wildlife management land.  The animal tracks varied from deer, coyote, dogs, raccoon, and many types of birds.  The entire trip we saw many blue heron, one of my very favorite birds to watch in nature.  They are so majestic and regal.

We only had a short time to make camp, so we began once we beached.  We dug a platform in the sand for the tent so as to create a level space, which worked nicely when we pitched the tent.  We collected drift wood for a small campfire and then set up a blanket making a food preparation and cooking area. 

Before dinner we watched the beautiful sunset as Tim built the fire.  Our view from our overnight home was directly to the West.  The sky filled with oranges, pinks, and purples as the sun dropped quickly.  I enjoyed sun gazing over the last fifteen minutes of the day.

Then we spent several hours star gazing.  The moon was not out at all, as it was up during the day and close to a new moon.  The jet black sky with little ambient lighting displayed amazing stars, and the Milky Way began showing itself to us as the fire went out.  It was a magical night of star gazing.  We identified different constellations using an astronomy chart that glows in the dark. 

Our night of sleep was not overly comfortable, so much star gazing was done throughout the night.  We left our rain flap off and exposed the mesh part of our tent in the top and all sides.  We were surrounded by the night sky and the water.  The sound of the waves lapping on the shore and a few insects and birds were all we could hear.  The sky illuminated with masses of bright stars and the Milky Way were all we could see.  The connection to nature was unmatched by any other experience.  We were truly just being in the moment.

I awoke in time to see the sun popping up over the horizon.  Its brightness was brilliant as it shone in towards the head of our tent.  After watching it emerge, I covered my face and went back to sleep for a short period of time.  I noticed it was extremely windy as the sound of the waves lapping close to the tent was quiet loud, but so peaceful.  I watched the waves move toward me and then recede back into the lake.  A short time later I got up and went for a walk along the beach.  I collected feathers from herons and egrets while listening to the powerful waves roll in.

After we had coffee and breakfast, Tim went back into the tent to take a nap.  He did not sleep well and had intense neck pain.  During his nap I sat on the blanket on the beach and did yoga, meditation, reflection, and watched nature at its finest.  The experience reminded me how much I need to be in nature again as much as possible.  I truly miss my connection with nature and my time with my dear husband in the great outdoors having adventures. 

During my powerful morning of solitude I had a reoccurring vision during my meditation that Wayne Dyer, who visits me regularly in visions and dreams, was walking towards me on the sandy beach.  He was dressed in a white shirt and white shorts with tan sandals.  Butterflies were flying all around him as they encircled him with such flow.  I always see butterflies when I see him, as well as when messages are being sent to me by all that is Divine.           

While in my second round of yoga, after my meditation, I was in easy pose with my eyes closed.  I suddenly sensed a presence approaching to my right.  I saw the same vision again of Wayne Dyer, but was aware I was not in meditation or in a dream state.  I was calm and had so much peace.  I opened my eyes and a bald gentleman in his mid-sixties to mid-seventies was walking along the beach.  I said “hello”, but he merely nodded at me and smiled as he kept walking.  I carried on with my yoga practice.

At the very end of my yoga practice I was lying on my back and coming back into the space around me when I sensed a presence again from my left this time.  I rose up slowly and saw this man approaching again.  I noticed he was wearing a white shirt, white shorts, and tan sandals.  He had swarms of butterflies all around him of varying shapes, colors, and sizes.  He paused, smiled, and then went on. 

I immediately realized a couple of things.  We were in a location accessible by boat only and there was no boat anywhere.  I thought maybe he lived around the corner, but later saw on the map that it was all wildlife management land belonging to the corps of engineers.  I also realized the man looked just like Wayne Dyer.  He was the same height, stature, bald, and wearing similar attire to what Wayne often wore, the same attire he was wearing in my vision during my meditation.

I had a huge smile across my face and my heart as I knew that he was there with me offering guidance and wisdom.  I was not in shock, but filled with immense peace and knowing that this experience was truth for me.  I then began writing a poem.  My pen and paper was inside the tent, so I just wrote it with the only documentation being my mind.  It was about the flow of water and the state of “being”. 

Much later when I arose from the blanket, I actually saw footprints in the sand going both directions where the older gentleman took his walk on the beach.  I LOVE connections and synchronicities and always take them as a sign, never a coincidence.  The remainder of the day I saw butterflies everywhere.

Now the adventure part of the day was soon to begin.  We packed our gear up in our boats and then ate some lunch.  Knowing this would be a challenge with the very high winds, which is not conducive to kayaking; we gave it our best and hit the waters.  After going a short distance, I got turned around and my boat went back to shore quickly into a small tree.  I knew the winds were too strong for me to adequately control the boat, so I got out and began water portaging (pulling my boat behind me as I walked).  I was in water up to mid-thigh most of the time, but waves would hit me going up into my torso and chest area.  It was cool water, but not too cold or uncomfortable.  This way offered much less resistance. 

Tim joined me and we alternated walking and paddling.  As we moved forward throughout the day, the winds picked up.  We eventually had to just walk the boats, as paddling for me only resulted in getting turned around and going with the current back to where I started.  I got several messages throughout the day’s journey to remember to go with the flow, not against it.  I knew walking rather than paddling into the wind was the way to go. 

At one point we decided to try and cross to the Texas side.  I gave it my all and headed into the southerly wind to cross so we could skirt the Texas shore that offered a wind block.  A short distance out I almost capsized as my boat got turned around on a large wave.  I heard very clearly and loudly “surrender” as a huge butterfly fluttered around my head.  I did so and went back to shore.  At this point we had made it about one third of the way back to our destination.     

All the while I truly was having a lot of fun!  There were times of challenge both physically and mentally, but I was going with the flow and having a great time in nature and with Tim.  We reminisced throughout the whole weekend about our many fun adventures in nature we experienced over the nineteen years we had been together.  They included camping, hiking, mountaineering, kayaking, and running. 

This had been our first overnight trip together in exactly four years to the date on Saturday, 10/10.  We had not done adventure type activities such as this in six years.  Our home had been full of sickness for us and our pets.  To be healthy and free enough to just be together away from home was alone a major milestone, but to be having this type of experience again after many years was beyond words.  We were creating new memories that would forever be held in our hearts and minds.  Throughout the whole trip I felt so much love for myself, for Tim, and for nature.  That feeling of unconditional Divine love was just resounding within me and from me.

o as we finally got around the bend and could see our destination, we were physically and mentally exhausted.  The winds were the highest they had been all day and we had to cross the Texas side.  It was the only way back to our truck and home.  We took another break to eat and hydrate, although we were almost out of water at this point.  Getting Tim’s blood sugar back up to a high level was essential at this point.  He not only had to cross in the difficult winds, but he had to tether his boat to mine so I could stay on course. 

I spent my time in meditation, prayer, and sending Reiki to us and our situation (which I did over the entire day); while Tim took care of his health needs.  Then I did some yoga stretches and felt complete calm and peace.  I watched nature as a butterfly flew around me, the waves lapped up on the beach where I was standing, and water fowl circled overhead.  The vultures we also saw gave us a laugh, as we joked that they were seeing if we were going to make it, hmm, dinner perhaps?

After all of our preparation, the winds slowed down by about five MPH and we ventured out.  It was the smoothest paddling I had experienced all day.  Soon after we got on the water it began calming down more and more.  Of course once we hit the wind block of the cliffs in Texas, we had smooth sailing the remainder of the trip. 

It sure felt good to get back to the boat launch, but I was not exasperated.  I had a renewed sense of calm after knowing I had waited until the time was right to cross.  I did not force anything, but went with the flow of nature and my abilities.  I found myself having fun as I was guided to various ways of traversing this land as we journeyed home.  The metaphor of the whole trip was not lost on me.  I now have even more beautiful experiences and lessons that mark this life I am living; as well as amazing new memories of adventure and quality time with myself, Tim, nature, and all my guides.  



s I sit here looking at this blank page,
Many emotions swimming inside
I await their expression on paper, 
Their release to take stride.

Words unable to take form,
My heart and head disconnect.
Unable to process pain and loss;
As this void I accept.

Only time will heal
And bring understanding. 
Words will emerge on the pages
As new awareness is expanding.

©Terri Malek

Messages and Connections


Today’s little anecdotes, testimonies, and ramblings of sorts start with a personal story about my travels in yesterday’s rain storm.  Before I ventured out for day two of my commute to an event in Frisco with some amazing friends and published authors, I sent Reiki to myself and my truck for protection during my travels.  I then called in the Archangels and asked for an easy, effortless, and safe arrival at my destination.        

The rain was coming down pretty hard as my wipers quickly moved over the windshield at full speed.  Despite the fast and furious rain, travel was going well and all was smooth.  About half way to my destination, a series of events happened that indicated an accident had occurred somewhere.  I began seeing emergency vehicles speed past me going the opposite direction on the highway.  It appeared the accident was behind me, but I soon saw it was in front of me and on the left shoulder adjacent to the two southbound lanes.  

As an ambulance suddenly appeared a short distance in front of me and abruptly slowed, it ended up facing perpendicular to me in the middle of the highway and multiple vehicles were approaching it going about 60 MPH.  I was in the left lane and there was a lot of traffic in the right lane, so it did not appear I could move over.  I tried to use my blinker and move over, but the car behind me sped up and was not going to allow it. 

My reflexes and the forces guiding me quickly moved my truck over to the right lane anyway so as to avoid hitting the ambulance, and continued moving me all the way to the right shoulder.  My truck navigated in between two cars in the right lane to safely travel down the bumpy shoulder as cars began piling up behind me.  I never lost control and got back on the highway moving safely forward.  I realized no other vehicles got through.  It appeared there were vehicles facing in many different directions and that there was a multiple car pileup, in addition to the accident that had already occurred.

I immediately heard myself say out loud “thank you”.  I was so grateful, but not scared or surprised at all.  It is amazing how much being in alignment protects and guides us.  I felt so much peace and calm as I said a prayer for those behind me for their safety.  I never moved to a place of fear, but stayed in a knowing that the route opened up for me to safely arrive.

Shortly after I arrived at the book store a lady came over to my friend Jackie and inquired about the authors there at the signing.  She mentioned she liked books about angels and my friend directed her to me.  We connected immediately and I learned she received guidance that morning to go to the book store because there was a message there for her pertaining to a question she had been asking.  She advised she tried to ignore the message and go back to reading, but it was too strong.  

I acted as a conduit as her messages were relayed to her.  Watching tears well up in her eyes, I knew we both arrived at the store at precisely the right time.  This created a new relationship and a knowing for both of us that we are on our path and following our purpose.   

The event was a multiple Indie author two day book signing that afforded much fun and clarity for me.  I received encouragement and support to finish my own book, and guidance as to when that would be.  I had an absolute fantastic time with great people, and enjoyed a lot of laughter and a needed break from my day to day routine.  

Connections are everywhere all the time.  Messages come through various people, circumstances, and objects that reassure what we already know within us.  There are no coincidences or accidents.  We create our own reality through our thoughts within the frequency we reside.  Choose to be in alignment, and your world will be more beautiful, powerful and rewarding than you could have ever imagined. 



Freedom comes from within
From the depths of one’s soul,
Inside the choice to be one’s self,
To live your truth is to be whole.

Freedom is not granted
By other people or institutions,
But by releasing expectations
And fulfilling your own resolutions.

So release the shackles of society
And unlearn conditional love.
Align with your higher self,
With your Divine from above.

Live in freedom, in your own truth, 
In your passions and desires.
Experience the joy and elation,
Of releasing the social mire.  

©Terri Malek

The rollout phase of Epiphysis, our Holistic Healing & Educational Center in downtown Denison, has begun.  Although finish out, fund raising, purchasing, marketing media, scheduling, etc. continue; we have launched a few events.  We kicked off with an event open to everyone called Soul Seed Circle on Saturday, August 1st.  Going forward these will be held every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month from 6:00 – 7:30pm.  

This last Thursday we had our first Yin Yoga class with Leslie Sharp.  What a great turn out!  It was so exciting seeing the room fill up with eager individuals to learn and grow through yoga.  These classes will be held every Thursday at 3:00pm and 6:00pm, as well as Saturday mornings at 9:00am.  

At the same time, I had a Reiki client session across the hall and then a group Reiki Healing Circle and guided meditation event.  These group events will be held every 2nd and 4th Monday from 6:00 – 7:30pm.  On Saturday evening, we had our first Kundilini Yoga class with Leigh Maxey.  These will be held every Saturday evening from 6:00 – 7:30pm.  

Although I was unable to attend Leslie’s class due to my schedule across the hall, I was able to attend the Kundalini Yoga class on Saturday evening.  I will definitely be attending some of the Yin Yoga classes going forward and do look forward to this immensely.  It was an honor to attend the Kundilini Yoga class and raise my energy level while connecting with others through yoga, chant, and meditation.  This came at a much needed time for me and was a beautiful experience.

Epiphysis was founded and is evolving by the guidance of all that is Divine.  I did not sit down and write out a lengthy business plan and submit it to the powerhouses of business.  I meditated and did energy healing daily, and as my vibrational frequency rose to be in alignment with my higher self and God/Source, the vision became stronger and stronger.  Clarity of this Center and how it would run and operate was shown to me.  I continue to use this connection with my higher self and all that is Divine to drive the momentum of this Center.

Having said that, my energy and direction got derailed last week.  I did not proceed with clarity.  It happens to all of us at times as life happens.  The best part about my connection with self and Source is that I immediately knew I was derailed and knew I had some self-healing to do, but I did not take a break from the momentum of Epiphysis and its manifestation; therefore it got derailed with me for a brief time.

Saturday and Sunday I got back in alignment with myself and all that is Divine.  I have much clarity again and a knowing that my original way of allowing this to manifest and grow organically with the direction and guidelines it was birthed under is the right path.  I will speak to this briefly.

Epiphysis does not exist to bring like-minded people together, although that often is a perk that allows us to feel more comfortable in a new environment.  This may sound so counter intuitive to what many would believe a healing Center would be about, but it is not.  “Like-minded” implies conditional love, as our society already teaches.  This is not to point a finger or lay blame at all, but to recognize how our society has been formed.  Everything is conditional.  

[If you live according to my beliefs and expectations, then I will connect with you, I will like you, I will love you, and I will be a part of your life.  If you have a different lifestyle, cultural background, belief system, religion, political view, educational view, level of education, personality, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, appearance, etc. then I will recognize that you are different and put you at arm’s length, if not further.]  

When we subscribe to such conditions, love is not what results.  Love is acceptance.  Love is unconditional.  Love is from the heart.

This Center was founded from the heart and my connection with my higher self, the God within me, and all that is Divine.  It was founded on the principles of unconditional love.  When I stay true to that, it continues to grow and manifest in beautiful, healing ways.  This is a place for heart consciousness to come together in healing.  Everyone is invited, everyone is welcome, and everyone is loved.  I look forward to growing Epiphysis, myself, and our community through heart consciousness.               

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Reiki for Kids


My second Reiki for Kids class was another beautiful day of sharing with wonderful young souls.  The day started off as you can see in the images with the older of the two boys showing me how to meditate.  It set the scene for a fantastic day.

We learned what Reiki is and its origin.  They loved saying Mikao Usui’s last name with such a fun spin, making it sound like a strong phrase used in martial arts.  They said it with such conviction.  Coloring and drawing was a big part of the day as well. 

Drawing pictures to help us learn how to pronounce the word Reiki always proves very effective.  Pictures of people, aliens, rainbows, and Reiki hands were also drawn!  Giving Reiki to our lunch before we ate it was a new experience for them.  I especially enjoyed giving Reiki to the trees in the park, and to the pinecones they collected on our nature walk.  

The day ended with not only giving Reiki to ourselves, but exchanging with others.  They especially enjoyed giving Reiki to our photographer and assistant teacher for the day, my dear husband Tim.  We rounded out the day by giving Reiki to a globe for World Peace.  Thank you to these amazing boys and their parents for the opportunity to share this beautiful healing modality.  

If you are interested in getting your children into a Reiki class, or if you know someone who is, please contact me for questions or register on my website for the next class.  Registration information listed below image gallery.  Single left click on an image to enlarge it.  Enjoy!

Register Here for Kids class:

This is a Reiki Level 1 course for children ages 6-12 on July 11th from 10 - 3. The next two dates offered are July 11th and 23rd.  Bring a sack lunch for a picnic in the park.  Healthy snacks and water will be provided throughout the day.  Includes intro to Reiki, attunement, kid friendly materials, interactive training, games, sharing, creative expression, and certification! The children will learn how to administer Reiki treatments to themselves, family members, friends, pets, their food and water, and plants and trees. 

Photo Credit:  Tim Malek, Photographer



Below is an excerpt from my book I am writing that I drafted one year ago today.  It has been a beautiful year of spiritual growth, learning, freedom, self-love, and co-creating my life with Source.  I appreciate the amazing people and opportunities that have entered my life immensely; and today I drafted up in writing the beginnings of contracts and lease agreements for my Healing Center.  It is manifesting into physical form before my very eyes.  My work space is expanding, my network is expanding, and my heart is expanding.  I am blessed to have believed and had faith in myself and all that is Divine.

“I went through the month of June so busy and so exhausted.  I was getting messages that it was not time to slow down yet, but that the time would come soon.  I was to keep working toward my healing practice and listen.  My desire to open a holistic healing and educational center grew stronger.  I continued planting seeds and making connections that were presented to me.  

On the new moon at the end of June, on the 28th to be precise, I went to a monthly all women's sacred circle.  We sit around a fire and release into the flames something that no longer serves us and share with the group.  The night ends with us drumming in the underground cellar in the darkness.  That night I released into the fire my sense of total responsibility for my husband and his health.  I gave myself and my husband permission to live his life and for me to no longer enable him to be ill.  I gave him freedom to experience healing emotionally and physically.  It was time.

I had thought many times on the significance of the number six I got in my angel card reading on June 9th.  I asked many times, does this mean I am to leave my job in the month of June.  The closer the end of the month got the more I realized in my rational mind this could not be the case.  I was even more confused by the number six, but knew when the time was right I would know its significance.

As we entered the cellar, I drummed on a shamanic drum for the first two rounds. This was my first time to really drum, to fully engage in it.  It was so powerful and spiritual.  Earlier that day I had prayed to Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, and Uriel during a Reiki treatment I received from my friend.  During the session I got a flash of white light that turned into a golden light in front of my closed eyes, in my mind’s eye.  I asked for a message for clarity for my path to purpose.  Although I did not receive any messages at that time, I knew they would come.

On the third round of drumming I passed my drum to another woman and just felt the vibrations as I went into a trance state.  I started doing the same Kundalini meditation moves we did with Gabby Bernstein at the “I Can Do It” conference earlier that month.  I was shaking my arms vigorously in the darkness and rocking back and forth.  I opened my eyes and saw two white lights, one on each side of me.  I realized the open air holes were bringing in a tiny bit of light, but the light I was seeing was much brighter, like what flashed in my mind's eye earlier that day during my Reiki session. 

Toward the end of the drumming session, I heard chanting.   I started chanting quietly "Om Shanti Om", which means peace.  This is a Sanskrit chant that works well for me in bringing balance.  As we wound down and the drumming stopped, we were sitting in silence.  I heard a very loud male like voice say, very clearly, "It is time, June is almost over, It is time".  I got confirmation about my number six.  I felt a rush of complete and utter peace.  The Archangels had sent their message.”

Today I am feeling an enormous sense of freedom.  For those who know how I’ve had to spend my last few summers in my work life know that this is my first year in a long while where I have the freedom to make my own schedule, and where I have the choice to honor my very sacred Sunday’s as days off spent in a manner determined by me. 

Making the choice to live the life I chose to come here in physical form to live, and honoring my passions and purpose in life, has been the most freeing act I have ever done for myself spiritually, emotionally, psychologically, and physically.  I am co-creating my own life with all that is Divine and my love for myself and this beautiful life I have chosen grows stronger day by day.

When I was entrapped in the bondages of meeting the expectations and demands of other people in order to fulfill their personal passions and agendas, I felt like pieces of my soul were dying more and more every day.  What I came to learn is that my soul, which is divine and my connection to God, to Source, is always whole and is never losing pieces of itself; but that I was moving further and further away from my connection to my higher self and to Source.  

Once I made the decision to listen to my higher self and learned to raise my vibrational frequency by being in alignment with Source, I reconnected with my soul in a way stronger and more beautiful than I could have imagined.  I allowed myself to release the resistance brought on by my fears of the ego, and surrendered to my passions and my purpose.  

Today seems so surreal, as I slept in getting much needed rest; spent time writing this morning, which is my favorite way to spend my Sunday mornings; enjoyed the companionship of my loving pets; sat in silence listening to nothing but the sounds of nature and wind chimes; and will head out soon for a short day trip to spend time in nature and see parts of Lake Texoma.

I did not have to wake up extremely early to the sound of an alarm after a restless night of sleep due to the anticipation of the stresses of the following day.  A day that involved me running an event that despite my extreme efforts to prepare for and organize my portion in advance would be continuously disrupted as others repeatedly introduced their own fears in the form of chaos and drama.  All of this resulted in numerous last minute changes that interrupted the flow of the entire operation and negated all of the advanced preparation work that had taken many weeks and hours to do.  

I do not say any of this to criticize those who were involved in that part of my life experience (as they were following their own life’s journey), but to point out that by learning I do have a choice, I always have a choice, and to surrender to my own passions and calling, is the key to freedom.  If we are living our life according to someone else’s expectations, someone else’s passions, someone else’s standards, we will never, and I mean never, be completely true to ourselves and our own purpose.  

Knowing you can surrender to that inner voice, that calling to create your own life in a way that supports you fully and who you are called to be is the most powerful truth you can face.  The more you commit to be you and to love and honor your true self, the more in alignment you become with all that is Divine, the more freedom you will experience, and the more you will thrive!   

June 6th has become a monumental day of new beginnings for me over the last three years.  In 2013 on June 6th, I traveled to Omega Institute to receive my Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 certificates.  In 2014, I traveled to Austin, TX for a Hay House I Can Do It Conference and got to see many of my spiritual teachers speak in person, as well as had an opportunity to meet a few of them.  On June 6th, 2015, I taught my first ever Reiki for Kids class.  All three of these occasions were life changing!

According to angel numerology, “When the Angel Number 6 appears repeatedly it tells of the ability to use the intellect to bring about positive outcomes in your life.  Be open to angelic signs and signals, maintain a positive attitude, and trust that opportunities will present themselves that will allow you to meet your material and financial needs. Trust that all will be provided for as you take care of and serve yourself and others, and live your Divine life purpose and soul mission.  Angel Number 6 encourages you to be loving, caring and nurturing of yourself and others.”  Copyright Joanne Walmsley,

All three years this date, as well as the dates immediately preceding and following, has included a major life transition.  This is when I experience a shift into more balance between the physical and spiritual worlds.  I am in a state of receiving from all that is Divine, while also manifesting through co-creating with the Divine.  

I had 2 amazing children for my first Reiki for Kids class, a young boy and a young girl.  They are both such beautiful souls and it was an immense pleasure to work with them.  I knew the moment I woke up in the middle of the night several months ago with the idea of teaching Reiki to kids that it would be a powerful opportunity.  I had never heard of anyone attuning children, but it felt right.  As I researched this concept later and found that there are a few people in the US that do teach children, I realized they are primarily in the North East.  It is small scale compared to the adults that go through Reiki training daily, but not unheard of.  However, I did not find any information of it being offered in North Texas anywhere.

I was excited for this calling and began putting it into motion.  I knew immediately when I began teaching the children that this was not only extremely rewarding in a powerful way, but the right thing at the right time in our society.  They were like sponges and wanted to learn more and more.  It was a very interactive class and kids are very quick learners.

The most powerful part of the whole day was the energy.  It was so strong and very touching.  The words shared by the children about their experiences were so impactful to the adults in the room.  After the attunement, one student shared she felt like God wrapped her up in his arms and protected her and that she knew nothing could harm her.  She then said she felt so much love and light.  “It was magical” as she stated.

My other student said it was like ice lightning that ran through his body, from his head to his toes.  He described it very enthusiastically with a sound that likened to a fast zipping of lightning if you will, like an electrical shock.  These statements were absolutely priceless and the whole experience touched my soul to my deepest core.  I was on a happy high for a long time after the class ended.  

The class flowed beautifully and it felt so natural.  I am very excited to work with many more amazing children and teach them Reiki and how to help themselves and others through healing.  
Photo Credit Tim Malek

A quick share of thought and feeling today about healing.  This week “judgement” has been a theme I have seen in videos from various spiritual teachers, in Reiki sessions/classes, and in various posts on social media.  In order for us and others around us to heal karmically, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, we must be in a space of LOVE.  Self-LOVE is where we start, and then that LOVE spreads seeds out to others.  

LOVE is acceptance, not to be confused with LIKE.  If we LOVE unconditionally, we accept ourselves and others for who we or they are, and where one might be on their path.  We might not like certain actions, but this contrast is important to us in life to know the difference between what we do like and what we don’t like.  This is our truth and important to understand in our own journey, but not necessarily someone else’s truth.  We all travel our own journey, and every aspect of our life and the lives of others is crucial in the healing process.  

A new thought forms every 17 seconds.  If we have a thought of judgement, we can allow our next thought to also be a fear based thought of judgement, and then the next thought, and so forth.  However, we can turn our focus so as to create our next thought to be one that make us feel good, that bring us happiness and joy.  This will raise our vibration and align us with all that is Divine.  Whatever we allow our next thought to be, and then our next thought, etc. is what we give momentum to, and in turn what we create or manifest.  We can create fear and judgement, or we can create unconditional LOVE and happiness.  It is always our choice.

The next time you feel that you are judging yourself or someone else, be gentle, and recognize that you are not in a space of unconditional LOVE.  Judgment isconditional LOVE, the LOVE that society teaches us.  “If you behave according to these set of criteria or expectations, then I will LOVE you.”  When you realize you are in a state of judgement, you can shift your thoughts to unconditional LOVE and acceptance for self and others.  Have a beautiful day of SELF-LOVE and LOVE for others.  Namaste! 

Photo Credit Tim Malek Photography

Good morning everyone  I strive to always be in a state of gratitude and not have expectations of how things should be according to my ego, so I have been finding myself grateful for all of the rain, at least most of the time.  It has been so cleansing of everything, our physical world and our spiritual world.  However, I am now on week 10 of having significant problems with my eyes.  The more it rains, the worse they get.  They burn with a crazy intensity and my vision has been extremely compromised.  Writing and doing the artwork that is so important to me has been almost non-existent.  Yesterday and last night were extremely difficult.    

I awoke wearing an eye mask and truly thought the sun was out.  I was saying prayers of gratitude for the amazing sun before I actually saw what it was doing.  I had to get up quickly as I heard my dog asking to go outside.  I thought it was really early since it was still fairly dark.  When I opened the back door and saw my back porch flooded and rising, I realized still no sunshine.  For a short period I felt disappointment, but then let it go.  That won’t help me at all.  I began raising my vibration with thoughts of gratitude, all the while emptying my bottle of drops for my eyes.  

I am a sun gazer through and through and truly believe the lack of sun gazing over the last 2.5 months of almost nonstop rain has really taken a toll on my health, especially my vision.  I trust that this is all happening as it should and don’t question it.  I am truly okay with being patient and taking any bit of sun rays I can find here and there.  

I am also taking advantage of the time to not be able to write, read, or do art much and finding audio books and educational talks I can listen to.  I have spent a lot of time just listening to what the Universe and all that is Divine have to tell me.  I am beginning to hear and understand more than I have the last several months.  As I was going through a spell of too much stimulus that continually lowered the frequency I was vibrating at, I needed some clear messages it was time to hear, to listen.

I have found myself sitting outside in the rain just feeling and hearing.  It is refreshing and healing.  So when my eyes are on fire and I am experiencing pain and frustration, I send Reiki to myself, call upon Archangel Raphael for healing, and then just listen.  I sense  a lot of writing and artwork coming soon, but in the meantime will have to listen as I’m guided by Mother Nature.  

Photo Credit:  
©2009-2015 Mandycatz55

In the last month I have helped organize and run an anniversary sale for the quilt shop my mom owns, 14 years running.  It was a fun, successful, and busy event.  I’ve ran several events in energy healing to include Reiki Healing Circles, a Distance Full Moon Session, Reiki Master and Level 1 classes, Light of the Eternal One Basic and Teacher level, and Reiki Crystal of Awakening.  I am working on curriculum and course material for workshops relating to the topic of “Own Your Purpose”, as well as for my Reiki for Kids classes coming up.  This year alone I have added four new classes, with upcoming workshops.  It has been a very enriching year of growth and balance.  

Although my schedule has been quite full, I made a conscious choice a while back to not multi-task anymore.  I always have multiple projects going on at a time between work and home, but I take every effort to not ­do any of them at the same time.  This has allowed me to be in the moment and be mindful.  I feel I have plenty of time and energy to smell the roses.  

Of course this does not mean I always completely finish what I’m doing before I move on to the next activity, but I work on things mindfully before I moving on to five other things.  For example, I might sort the laundry and put a load in.  Then I may move on to dishes and will complete them before going back to change out loads.  The theme is I’m doing house chores and not talking on the phone, texting, addressing e-mails, etc.  I address those things separately and individually.    

By choosing to focus on one thing at a time I am present and feel a sense of accomplishment and balance.  If I am doing a task and someone ask me to start something new at the same time, I have to say that I will address that at a later time when I can get to a stopping point.  I will jot it down and free my mind of it until time to address it arises.  In doing this with others, I am also setting a precedence of how I am to be treated.  I don’t create the expectation of others that I will multi-task and drop everything for them right then.    

The level of accomplishment has increased for me while not feeling exhausted and out of balance.  I used to pride myself in being a great multi-tasker.  Now I am at so much peace making a conscious choice to not be a multi-tasker.  I take life moment to moment as much as I can now.  If I do try to multi-task, I become way overstimulated and out of balance.  So now that my blog article is finished, I will post it and then go make lunch.  May your day be mindful and balanced.    



Can take you on a radical journey

Of fun and adventure
Excitement and thrill
Elation and joy

Of sensuality and intimacy
Tantalization and allure
Seduction and erotica

Of fear and anxiety
Earth shattering panic
Heart wrenching terror

Of pain and torment
Sadness and distress
Anguish and despair

BUT comes

Clarity and discernment
Insight and understanding
Wisdom and truth


Listen and learn
Observe and balance
Release and Receive

©Terri Malek 2015

So I want to write today, and there are many varying thoughts swirling around in my head, but no one subject is coming to fruition.  I shall blog about some of these random thoughts then, musings really.

I have creative thoughts of topics to write about and upcoming workshops to teach relating to platforms if you will.  My latest platform I’m working on is OWN YOUR PURPOSE!  This will be an upcoming workshop I offer later this year and I find myself receiving messages often as to how that might unfold.  

The idea of the platform is that we ALL have a PURPOSE, but many are still seeking to know what that is.  I look forward to working with others to help them identify what theirs is.  It’s much simpler than our egos make it out to be, but the journey to know it can be long and arduous at times.

Once I knew mine, I made a full commitment to follow my PURPOSE throughout the remainder of this life I’ve been gifted.  I follow my intuition, messages and guidance from all that is Divine, and notice connections in everything!  It’s a matter of reconditioning our minds to follow our purpose.

This leads to some of my other thoughts and focus today.  Dreams!  I have very lucid dreams and gain many of my messages and clarity through dreams.  I used to do dream analysis for all my dreams in order to understand the lessons they were teaching, or the guidance being offered.  Now I just tap into intuition and/or ask my guides and I immediately know the meaning of each dream, as well as they connect to other dreams and life lessons.  

It has become a fun exercise actually, even though the dreams can be disturbing at times, the freedom I gain from knowing the message is so healing and liberating.  My most recent dreams have been about non-attachment.  We can form an attachment to everything, which leads to judgement and suffering.  On the spiritual growth process some of us then go through the phase of detachment, where we try to be completely indifferent about every situation and person we encounter.  However, detachment, like attachment, comes from a place of fear.  

The middle way, or the way of balance is non-attachment.  It’s being in a higher vibrational frequency that allows us to be the observer, and then as a human being finding the balance between having sympathy, while being objective; feeling affection while not taking responsibility; finding the balance between loyalty and impartiality.  It’s a very fine line, but it is a place that truly exists and it is beautiful. 

When we put our self-love first, take responsibility for our own life and own it, live in our truth, and know we always have a choice; then the attachment to responsibility for others falls away.  We find a place in our heart to act with love towards them and show sympathy and compassion, but not be empathetic and take on their pain.  It is not our place in life to take on anything for someone else, as we all have our own journey to travel.  Our PURPOSE is just that, to know and follow our own journey.  That in turn brings us to a place of always acting in love.         
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Finding balance in the human experience that itself is a dichotomy of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors; is indeed our existence.  We see everything as dualistic, completely opposite of each other:  right or wrong, good or bad, white or black, happy or sad, forgiveness or grudge, light or dark, day or night, yes or no, competition or passivity; and the root of all of these, love or fear.  

Our personality, experiences, and conditioning determine how we see each situation we encounter.  All emotions and our resulting behavior tie back to either love or fear.  If we are acting in kindness, compassion, forgiveness, happiness, or joy, we are acting out of love.  Behaviors of anger, jealously, hatred, envy, or control come from fear based emotions.  

Although we are a dualistic species, we have a choice.  We can remain more in the ego side of life, which is fear based, and place a judgement on each person we meet and each occurrence we face to determine if it is good or bad, right or wrong, light or dark.  On the other hand, we can face everything from love and release judgement of people and circumstances.  This allows us to always show compassion and kindness.  We make a choice to always see the good in every person and in every event and forgive actions that come from fear.

There is however, a third choice.  That is balance, the middle way.  Balance between our masculine and feminine energies, fear and love, light and dark, right and wrong.  Balance to me is simply living your truth, always.  Your truth will present itself through your intuition or gut feeling, through messages from guides, through feelings of complete peace.  It comes to you without thought, analysis, or logic.  It is delivered to you if you are open to receive it.  

Because everything is energy, balance is being in the flow of energy.  The use a river as an analogy, some days the river is very turbulent and fast flowing.  On these days you can jump in and choose to fight the turbulent waters, struggling to win this competition against the forces of nature and attempt to conquer it by coming out alive.  You can avoid the turbulent water altogether and pretend it is not there.  Leaving the scene of the river and deciding not to be a part of the water’s flow would be a passive approach.

The middle way, or balance, might look like riding out the turbulence in order to flow with the water, but doing so in a more balanced way.  Maybe you are in an appropriate boat for this body of water wearing a life jacket that offers some safety, but still allows you to flow within the fury.  Another approach might be to just sit by the river watching it and taking in its beauty until the rolling waves settle, having a respect for the powerful water in all its glory, and learning from it through observation.  

Because balance is different for each and every individual and is not static, the choice you make will be determined by where you are on your journey.  Choosing balance will allow you to look at your own truth to determine the best choice for this situation.  If you have always been one to take the competitive route and always conquer every situation, maybe balance would look more like sitting on the shore and observing the powerful water and gaining appreciation for it in a new way.  On the other hand, if you usually choose a more passive path of leaving the situation all together, maybe this time you stay on the shore and watch the turbulent water flow in all its glory, gaining a new respect for it.  

If you have been the one to always sit on the shore and watch the aggressive flow without engaging in it, to bring you to balance this time you may either need to get in the boat wearing the life jacket to endure the tumultuous waters so that you can make peace with it.  Waiting for the waters to settle down some before entering might also be where you find your balance.  However, if you have learned from the water all you can learn, maybe leaving the situation all together and finding another route or path is your truth.

Again, there is no right or wrong, good or bad, wise of ignorant decision.  The only decision should be to live your truth at that moment, to act accordingly to what would bring you back to balance.  No one else can tell you what decision to make because no one else knows your truth.  Open up to your truth, to receiving it and knowing it fully.  Find your balance in every encounter.  It will set you free.

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It is so refreshing to read or hear words of wisdom that you completely resonate with.  The most recent 21 day meditation series I did with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey was about success.  This was not about success as defined by our egos or society, but TRUE success.  Success is without judgement, without resistance, and without boundaries.  It is unpredictable and unique.  Individual success is found within our own uniqueness, meaning success is subjective and unique only to us and our own truth.  It cannot be compared or measured by us or another.

“Uniqueness is knowing your inner truth and your intrinsic worth.  It is knowing your real self.”  Deepak Chopra.  If you know your real self, your own personal truth, then you are successful.  As we peel away layers and layers of conditioning by society and ourselves, as we release more and more fears, and as we look our truth square on and embrace it with all that we are; then we will know who we truly are and will live our unique life authentically.  When we come to know this, we have all we need and know it fully.  

I invite you to start today peeling away the layers of conditioning, release your fears, and fully know yourself.  Revel in the glory of who you are and celebrate you!  A good place to start is by thinking of three words or phrases that you say to yourself and/or others that is self-sabotaging.  Recognize what results when you are in this mindset.  Now begin conditioning yourself to stop and redirect your thoughts and words to a higher vibration, change your thoughts and words at that moment, and then see how you feel.  Become the observer of your own life and you will begin seeing more and more patterns you are ready to release.  

To use an example I am releasing the word “need” from my life.  I know I have all I “need” in my life already and that being in that space of knowing and gratitude will allow me to open up to receiving more abundance.  If I am in a state of “need” all the time, then that is what the universe will deliver.  I will be faced with more and more situations where I “need” something more.  If I am in a place of knowing I have everything and of gratitude for what I have, the universe will deliver more abundance to me.  It’s the Law of Attraction.  Like attracts like.  

May you have a beautiful day and weekend as you look at your truth, your uniqueness, and begin moving into your own success.  

Photo Credit Lisa Villa Prosen, My Renewed Mind © 2013

Disability is defined as “the consequence of an impairment that may be physical, cognitive, mental, sensory, emotional, developmental, or some combination of these”.  I do not view anything as a disability, but see everyone and everything as holding different energies.  Some energies move faster and some move slower.  Some move at a higher frequency and some move at a lower frequency.  

It is the presence of judgement that defines anything as a disability.  If we remove judgement, there is no labeling.  Everything just is what it is.  Man has a set of criteria for EVERYTHING and has defined what is “normal” and what is otherwise.  Labels such as “Disability”, “ADD”, “ADHD”, “Autism”, “Bipolar”, “Schizophrenic”, and the list goes on and on almost endlessly, are words assigned to a set of behaviors that do not fit the criteria defined as “normal”.  

Society has come to expect certain behaviors as acceptable and others as different.  If someone behaves differently, then they earn a label that entitles them to have certain behaviors.  Man has decided if they have such a label, then we can forgive them for their differences.  

Unfortunately in our society if someone exudes different behaviors outside of what has been determined as “normal”, and they have not been given a label, then they are not accepted with love and understanding.  Harsh judgement falls upon them causing self-esteem issues.  If they have been given a label, stereotyping of their assigned condition often causes painful ridicule.

What can change all of this?  LOVE.  If we speak the language of LOVE, we accept everyone for who they are.  LOVE is acceptance.  When we don’t accept someone else, it is because there is a part of ourselves we don’t accept.  The results of having a society with a set of standards we are to conduct ourselves under creates a vicious cycle within all of us to learn how to behave and what personality traits are acceptable.  

What if we all fully LOVED ourselves for who we are?  What if we fully LOVED others for who they are?  What if we all knew and understood that LOVE IS ACCEPTANCE?  

We could fully embrace who we are as an individual.  We could fully accept others for their uniqueness.  We would raise the vibrational frequency of all of mankind; therefore, having no need to define and judge everything.  If LOVE were the predominate driving force behind all of man’s thoughts and actions, everything would be just as it is.  Beautiful!



For the many beautiful soul sisters in my life and the struggles they have endured.  I send love, light, and healing to you all.


To feel your own heartache
With each painful pulse
Is to feel like you are dying,
But to truly be alive.
So alive that each heartbeat
Resounds like the beat of a drum
In your chest, your ears.

As the rhythm rises and falls,
The wrenching grip of pain
Clutches at each breath.
As the pain climaxes
Death feels so near,
As despair overcomes all else
Thoughts twist and turn.

Surrender sounds promising
Yet so far away,
Like a fairy tale
Floating on a cloud
Millions and millions
Of miles into another galaxy
In an altered universe.

Yet you are here
In this place, at this time, in this pain.
In between the moments
Before the incident,
And this instance in time
Where future does not exist
And the past cannot return.

To feel the heartache of a
Soul sister is to know
Complete helplessness.
Experiencing one’s heart
Contort in unfathomable ways,
As if your heart was a piece of theirs
Strengthens the bond of sisterhood.

To know their pain physically
In every cell of your body
As if you opted
To take just a piece of that burden
That they carry every second, 
Every minute, every hour, 
Every day, and into eternity.

Hoping somewhere
Deep within you
That you can ease even a moment
Of suffering
That you can replace even a small
Piece of the broken vessel
That is their heart.

Terri Malek

LOVE.  One definition of Love is an intense feeling of deep affection.  For me, Love is everything.  Love is my language, my religion, my politics, my driving force, my life’s purpose, my meaning for being here on this physical earth.  Love to me is acceptance.  I read an article once from Luis Martins Simoes that really rang true for me.  It regarded how our immune system is affected by love and our capacity to love.   

To love someone unconditionally is not to like someone unconditionally.  To love does not mean to like.  They are two completely different things.  If we love ourselves, our fellow man, mother earth, and the flora and fauna we share our planet with; this means we accept these people and things.  To accept is to remove judgment, to be the observer, and to see the union and oneness in all.  To reject in any way creates separation.  

Rejection; however, does not mean not to like.  If someone or something does not serve your higher purpose and your love for yourself, it is okay to not like the person or thing and to remove them (or it) from your life.  We have the choice to determine our own world.  This includes who we allow in our lives, what circumstances we allow, what environments we allow, etc.  Self-love is first and foremost.  When we truly love ourselves and accept ourselves, we can truly love and accept others.       

If we look for love outside of ourselves, without ever looking within ourselves, we will never truly know love.  When we love and accept ourselves wholly and completely, we will always know love for other people and things.  A connection will be felt with others we meet on some level, as well as feeling a connection with the very air we breathe, the earth below our feet, the food we intake for sustenance, the animals we share space with, and the list goes on.  A reverence for other cultures and beliefs will be experienced as we see the sacredness in ways foreign to us.  We will truly be able to love and accept everything as it is because if we truly accept it, there is no judgment.  

Anytime we feel threatened by another person or situation, we need to look within and find what causes us to not accept this.  The non-acceptance will be connected to something we do not fully love or accept about ourselves.  Find the root cause within, allow healing of this, and forgiveness and acceptance will follow.  

Anything or anyone that does not allow us to stay true to our self-love does not have to be a part of your life.  You can feel love in those situations without feeling threatened.  Merely remove such energies from your life as you send them love, because your self-love is of utmost importance.  If you continue to show love and acceptance to all people and things, those that do not vibrate at the same frequency as love will be removed from your environment in a non-threatening way.

Give LOVE a try, true love for yourself, other people, mother earth, flora, fauna, cultures, and beliefs; and witness your world transform into true acceptance and peace.       

Photo credit to Ryf Van Rij, thedailywayhome blog page

Testimony - Distance Reiki


Distance Reiki and other forms of Energy Work are more powerful than you might imagine.  To be able to connect with the Practitioner over time and space seems difficult to grasp in our rational minds; however, time is just a human construct.  It does not exist in the metaphysical world, as it is infinite.  

I have been sending this healing modality for a couple of years now and it is truly powerful.  I send with a few friends, each from our own home, Distance Reiki and various forms of energy healing to World Peace every Sunday at 5:00 pm CST.  I have seen a huge transformation and shift with these sessions. I would love to share this experience with you.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested.  I recommend you read this beautiful testimonial of a friend's journey.  Love, Light, and Peace to all!      

Below is a very special testimonial regarding Distance Reiki I sent last week.  In light of this, and other powerful testimonials for Distance Reiki and energy work Reiki Practitioners and Masters receive daily, I am offering a FREE 1 hour Distance Reiki session with the purchase of 4 sessions.  Each 1 hour session is valued at $20.00.  Purchase 4 sessions for $80.00 and get a 5th for FREE (value of $100.00).  I will also combine for FREE another type of energy work I am doing now, Light of the Eternal One, for a truly powerful healing.  


"Hello! I am Texas born and raised, which is where I had the honor to meet Mrs. Malek:) I now live in Colorado, and have for nearly two years. The last four years I began to understand the concept of the Kundalini rising. Of course, practicing yoga and focusing on inner spirituality, this was magical to me and I had several practices that I thought would spark the rising. The rising did not take place until I went through a very tough period of my life in January of 2013. One year ago. I have learned over time that the rising can be dramatic at times, whereas others you would think almost non-existent. 

Just several days ago, maybe a week, I had one of the most intense repercussions of the rising. Though beautiful, it was a little scary and strange to go through. I reached out to Terri MalekHealing Touch Reiki, to ensure I was still sane and hopefully correct about what was happening. Also to learn. She immediately described to me what I was going through and, being in Texas, explained she would send 'distance reiki' to aid in grounding and calming the experience. Not to dilute it, just to keep it better under control for work and living purposes, as it was so incredibly intense. 

At first thought I had no idea one could be so in-tune to practice Reiki from an entire state away! How could this even work? I thought. Within a few hours I felt completely grounded and still entirely in tune with the lesson and beautiful show my Kundalini episode had gifted me. I felt an excellent balance in my chakras, calming the serpent to move in sync with the other while still focused on its intention. This was an unimaginable experience and I'm very grateful for the help and guidance from Mrs. Malek."

~Forever learning

It's Time to Paddle


Part 1

Happy Belated New Year to all!  How are you spending your 2015?  I will share my journey for the year thus far.  I started out in recovery mode.  I did get the flu right after Christmas and finished 2014 ill.  I spent a lot of time resting and recovering for over a week, and doing it with all natural plant based food and supplements, as well as detox baths and a great deal of sleep.  I started 2015 with more strength and knowing that I was on a road to recovery.

On New Year’s Day I read something that first hit a little hard, but turned into such an epiphany and blessing.  It said that whatever you were doing the first day of a New Year would set the tone for what you would do the rest of the year.  Now I do not typically choose to even give energy to such a statement or claim to resonate with anything such as this.  However, in my weakened ill state, my first thought was, “I hope not, I don’t want to be sick all year”.  This was my ego, fear based side that had spent so many days staying in the physical body almost entirely to be mindful of what was needed next for healing.

I then immediately had a significant amount of peace come over me and got the message that I would spend this year in a state of healing, not sickness.  This was powerful, as I am always working on healing and growing spiritually, but declared last year that I would begin healing physically as well.  What a beautiful gift for the New Year!  

Since then I have received messages of what to work on this month.  Currently I’m working on a few things, but will share a snippet of it here.  After recovering from the flu, I gained a new sense of motivation that I had not had for a few months.  I was not upset about this lack of motivation, as I knew I was in a phase of rest and recovery, and learning to just “be” in the present moment flowing with life rather than engaging so much.  I was becoming the observer.

I left a toxic job situation and environment in July of last year.  It was a peaceful departure, as I had received a clear message at the end of 2013 that when I was at peace with all of the difficult lessons and teachers I experienced there, I would depart.  I had a knowing that I would continue to follow my life’s purpose and my calling to be a Holistic Healer and Lightworker, without such distractions of my time and energy that I had been experiencing.  

When I got clear messages that it was time to depart, I left in a complete state of peace and knew I was going to begin a deeper level of healing for myself, as well as my clients and students.  I did not know at the time what it would entail, but that it was my truth.  It has been so beautiful.  My state of “being” for the last five months brought so much peace, calm, love, light, gratitude, grace, wisdom, and truth.

Now that a new year is well on its way, it has brought a stronger sense of manifestation, courage, and strength to move forward with my calling, my passion, my path of truth.  During a recent energy healing and meditation using “Light of the Eternal One” healing, I had a beautiful journey.  It began with me walking down a beautiful path in a beautiful area of New York state that truly speaks to me.  This is a physical place in which I have actually been and have a strong connection to, on the property of Omega Institute.  It leads to a lake that reminds me of what I would imagine the lake referenced in “Lady of the Lake” would look and feel like.  

I walked down the path to the water’s edge.  It was night time on the night of a full moon, which provided such powerful healing energy.  I was guided to get in the small row boat and began drifting in the direction of the current towards the shore on the other side of the lake.  As I got about half way out in the center of the lake, without ever having paddled, I saw three of my Reiki guides, two on the other shore, and one in the beautiful constellations above, as this is where she resides.  

I had been in a state of knowing that I was in a place of “being”.  I was not paddling, but going with the flow ever so slowly.  I then heard very clearly from my two Reiki guides on the other shore (they are in the form of magical animal totems), and my Reiki guide in the heavenly sky, that said, “it is time to paddle, but with the flow, not against it”.  Wow, this was so powerful for me.  I knew right then that I was to begin taking more action along my path, but in a gentle way that goes with the flow.  

Now having learned such a beautiful state of “being”, this is the year of balance, a year where I will use my manifestation energies, while also residing in a state of “being” and observing as I do so.  I have clarity now that this year will be a year of balance, of manifestation, of abundance, of prosperity, and of peace.  Love, Light, and Peace. 

Ba Humbug or Following Life's Flow?


As I sit her ill with a cold, I am reflecting on this past month.  I live a healthy lifestyle and most of the time I respect my physical and emotional boundaries.  I try to listen to my body and my heart and act accordingly.  If I’m sleepy, I rest.  If I’m hungry, I tune into my body as to what it needs to maintain a state of healing.  If I’m energized, I play.  If I’m emotionally down, I rest and reflect.  If I’m overstimulated, I play relaxing music or meditate.  The list goes on.  In summary, if we live our lives in a manner that flows rather than fighting to make it something that our ego thinks should be, we remain in balance.  

This year I was not in any way, shape, or form in the holiday spirit.  I did not want to decorate, make gifts, shop for gifts, bake, send holiday cards, go see the lights, watch movies reflective of the season, celebrate with friends, attend parties, or any other various forms of tradition.  I was not in a “Ba Humbug” mentality.  I was not unhappy or angry that it was the holiday season.  I just was not motivated.  That spark of excitement that often comes with the season was not there.  

I don’t like commercialism in any way and do not participate in many holidays, as the hype of holidays is created for the sheer purpose of commercialism.  I rather buy a gift for someone on a random day because it speaks to me and reminds me of them.  I rather go out for a meal or just celebrate everyday life with a friend or loved one.  The only real reason I celebrate the holiday festivities is because of family.  I truly love quality family time.  Seeing my family happy brings such joy to me.  The best gift I can give or receive is the gift of time.

I bought my first two gifts less than a week before Christmas day from a dear friend in support of her business.  They are for my two nieces in Pennsylvania and my Sister-In-Law.  I bought my next gift for my Mom from a dear friend who owns an adorable gift shop.  I then purchased a few very small items for my two nieces and nephew that live in Texas just so they would have the joy of opening a gift.  What I did in the end though was create gift certificates for most of my family for gifts of time.  My husband and I will be spending time with each of the nieces and nephew separately for their own special day or weekend.  I will take my Dad out for a nice meal and quality time.  My Mom and I will share time together doing some of the many things we enjoy together.  My husband and I do not exchange gifts unless we make them.  We spend quality time together.  

So I’ve been asking myself why did I become so run down and fall ill when I did not put pressure on myself to meet society’s expectations of the holiday.  I have been eating healthy (with exception of the chocolate cake I splurged on one day, although gluten free and egg free, it had sugar and processed grains).  I’ve been getting plenty of sleep.  I have been doing a significant amount of Reiki on myself.  I have been meditating.  I have been flowing with life rather than putting demands on myself to meet certain expectations of others or my own.  

In looking back, I may have been flowing in actions, but I was finding myself disappointed emotionally at times that I did not have the desire or motivation to do what the rest of society was doing.  I felt like I was disappointing others and would get stuck in a mental loop of expectation and disappointment.  I would participate in a meditation or give myself Reiki and snap out of it temporarily, but would find my thoughts going back there.  My Grandmother passed away this month as well.  When she was really at her sickest in the last few days, I was taking on emotional responsibility for family members.  I felt that I was strong and could handle it, but that was not my responsibility to bear.  The only responsibility I had to bear was my own loss and grief.  

This is all a reminder that although we may choose to live a healthy lifestyle and honor the flow of life, this applies to all areas.  My Achilles heel, as for many people, is my sense of responsibility to my family.  It is so easy to fall into old patterns of meeting what you perceive as expectations from others.  In reality, we create those expectations.  We set boundaries and define how others will treat us.  If we create those expectations in our own mind and make them reality, then we are not being true to ourselves or the flow of life.  We are forcing something to fit into what our ego wants.

Remember to be true to yourself and your own personal boundaries in all of life’s circumstances.  You will experience freedom as you go with the flow along your life’s path, following your life’s purpose.  Learn what your personal boundaries are and respect them.  If you are true to yourself and respect yourself, you will be respected by others.  If they do not respect you, they are not a part of the flow any longer.  

I’m fortunate that the people I choose to be in my life honor and respect me fully for who I am wholly and completely.  Those who did not respect me and my life’s path are no longer a part of my life.  Remember that when we are ill or anxious, this is the time to reflect and learn.  Ask yourself why you feel this way and what caused your vibrational frequencies to lower.  You will receive your answers and you can take action to break patterns that are no longer serving you and the flow of life.  Love, Light, and Peace in the last few days of 2014.  

Being Brilliant Is Your Birthright, by Brett Bevell


This is an article by my Reiki Master, Brett Bevell.  He is a renowned author, Reiki Master, Energy Worker, and Holistic Healing Teacher.  Let your light shine on!           
Being Brilliant Is Your Birthright You are made of light, so being brilliant is your birthright. You are made of the rebirth of stars, and hold the gravity of the universe in the curve of your smile, so the power that is you is the power that moves through all things. Harness it, channel it in a direction of passion, and witness the magnificence of your own illumination!

The shamans and doctors of physics agree that everything is just light, and inside of you is the fuel that ignites the sun. Burn it for a purpose that you love! Know that time and space are illusory, and that nothing is beyond your grasp. Reach for the stars, because they already exist inside of you.

Raise your voice with the ultimate yes to your dreams, because the only dream that isn’t fulfilled is the dream you forgot to put energy into. And the same is true with nightmares, so don’t spend time giving them your light.

Know that somewhere on Earth the sun is always rising, and that is always a reason to celebrate a new day even when it seems darkest.

Know that you are a magical journey, inspired by the imagination of the Divine. See yourself as a mythical hero and believe in your own superpowers, because the fact that you can imagine them means on some level they are real – because you were born to shine!

Remember your ancestors are stars, and your DNA is the interweaving of generations of hopes and aspirations to create a tapestry of the Divine light that is you. How can you be anything less than a magic carpet? The genie inside the bottle is the consciousness inside your own skull, so grant your own wishes!

Know that the light that is in you is also the same light that is in everyone, and you are interconnected. Some call that karma. So if you help others to shine, it helps you shine as well. And if you radiate love to another to light up their internal universe, know that that lights up you just as much, and also brightens the entire world.

Imagine you are a star that simply decided to incarnate as a human being. And the light you see from

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Create Peace


Good morning everyone.  I am one who stays out of the media and anything political or controversial.  However, my calling does include bringing healing to individuals and to bring it in such a way as to see the ripple effect of such healing, love, light, faith, gratitude, patience, compassion, kindness, and all things that bring peace and balance to us allowing us to live our higher selves for the better good.  

I have been receiving very strong messages the last few days to send Distance Reiki to the situation of an impending pandemic of EBOLA, as well as use prayer and intention.  I do not have TV and have not seen a news program in years.  I am called, however, to use Facebook as one of the means of sharing my work, so obviously I see bits and pieces of what is going on.  

What I am being called to do though is not focus on curing a disease and protecting the entire world, but creating a shift in energy.  If the media continues to build the fear in everyone, this will spread like wildfire and grow.  It’s called Law of Attraction.  We reap what we sow.  If we all live in FEAR, we will manifest this very impending pandemic that the media is creating in our minds.  

I am accepting the call to the cause of lifting us all up to higher vibrational energiesthat spread love and light so that we will create PEACE among the masses, not FEAR.  We can create peace within ourselves and this will ripple out to others.  We can also focus on sending Distance Reiki and higher vibrational energy to the situation of FEAR around an impending pandemic.    

I am accepting a 21 day challenge starting today and invite each of you to join me.  Daily, I will send one hour of Distance Reiki to the situation of FEAR around an impending pandemic, as well as use prayer, intention, and meditation.  If you are not trained in Level 2 Reiki and are not versed in how to send Distance Reiki, then you can use prayer and/or meditation to send out intentions of raising the energy vibrations within yourself and within the masses.  ANY energy work will work and be very effective to the cause.

Regardless of what is going on in the world, inner peace starts within and then ripples out.  This does not mean that adverse things won’t occur in the world, as lower vibrational energies will continue to exist.  The very act of lifting ourselves and others to higher vibrational energies will create a shift and bring about balance.

Thank you to all who accept this challenge and join me in raising the energy vibration within ourselves and the world.  I feel a very big shift coming within each of us and within the world that will need even more union of lightworkers.  Please share this with others should you feel the calling to do so.  Love, Light, Healing, and Peace to us all.  Have a higher vibrational day:) 

I get asked frequently what I do for meditation. My meditation varies so much that I cannot identify one way, but will give a little insight here of some things that work for me. I will start by saying that meditation is doing anything with full awareness. Being mindful of your experiences and being fully present. Detaching yourself from distractions such as thoughts, technology, and outside stimulus will create a meditative state.

Taking a walk in nature alone is a form of meditation. You will be able to work through your thoughts and sense your intuition.  You will gain clarity and messages regarding your life’s path. Uniting with nature grounds us and brings us into our soul essence again.

When eating a meal, give gratitude to all who participated in placing this food before you. Give thanks to all that is Divine and to Mother Nature for the sustenance this food will provide to you. Be mindful as you take in this nourishment for your body, mind, and spirit.

Saying daily affirmations is another way of meditation. These positive words change the thought patterns within our minds, lifting us to a higher vibrational energy. The higher our energy vibration is, the more self-love we experience and the more love we feel for others. 

Get creative! Doing any form of creative expression also creates a meditative state. Whether you paint, draw, art journal, scrapbook, photograph, cook, garden, write, sculpt, design jewelry, sew, etc., you will be using your right brain and opening up a space that eliminates so much mind chatter that derives from the left brain. Creativity flows when you go into this peaceful meditative space of the right brain.

Listening to guided meditations on You Tube is very effective right before bed. Rather than sitting up for this type of meditation, I lie flat on my back with my arms resting by my side. I close my eyes and relax into the guided journey. They slow the racing mind and prepare the breath for a restful sleep. I use my smart phone and my earbuds every night to create this space for myself. You can find vodeos anywhere between 15 minutes and on up. My favorite ones are at least 20 minutes long. When they are done, even if I have dozed off, I come back into the physical space, turn off the video, and go off to a great night’s sleep.

Reiki and Yoga create a time and space for me to meditate. So many messages and so much clarity is received during these special sessions. We receive Divine guidance when one focuses on breathing and the mind slows down. My preferences for yoga meditations are yoga-nidra and Kundalini yoga. You can also find some of these on You Tube, as well as in various books. 

Finally, just sit in silence. Being alone in a quiet space, even for only 5 minutes, can slow down a racing mind and heart and create balance. Below I have also placed a link to a very simple and calming meditation by Gabrielle Bernstein. I highly recommend her book, Miracles Now. There are 108 different methods for creating moments of balance and inner peace throughout our day. Watch the video below for a very effective one you can do right now.

Give yourself permission today to find ways to meditate. Take a walk alone, eat a meal alone and in silence, write some daily affirmations for yourself starting with “I AM…”, create something, visit You Tube and subscribe to some of your favorite channels, schedule a Reiki healing session, attend a yoga class or find a yoga meditation online, purchase a book such as Gabrielle Bernstein’s book on basic meditation techniques, or just sit in silence all alone. I use every one of these methods and more, and sprinkle them throughout my day. Any time you feel the tension rising, STOP and remember to take care of you. Breath into balance. Namaste.

Healing is Freedom


Today marks one full week since my freedom from a “job”.  I took a writing vacation for a few days and doubled the work that I previously spent several months creating. When writing about one’s life experiences, it is therapeutic and healing. 

You relive the stories and the emotions are often felt as if for the first time.  Reflecting on my life’s journey has allowed me to release old emotions and patterns that no longer serve me, and cherish and hold dear to my heart those occurrences that make me come alive.

The freedom to have the physical and emotional time and space to follow one’s dreams and life purpose can only be granted by our self. No one else can grant that to us. If we truly have a calling, we must take the leap in blind faith. We have within us the ability to follow our life purpose and to serve, however that may look.

The way it looks for me is traveling back through my life’s journey as I record it, all the while experiencing emotional and physical healing. Writing allows me to heal personally, as well as help my clients and students heal themselves. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to follow your inner calling, follow spirit. 

Breath Into Balance - Meditation


I get asked frequently what I do for meditation. My meditation varies so much that I cannot identify one way, but will give a little insight here of some things that work for me. I will start by saying that meditation is doing anything with full awareness. Being mindful of your experiences and being fully present. Detaching yourself from distractions such as thoughts, technology, and outside stimulus will create a meditative state.

Taking a walk in nature alone is a form of meditation. You will be able to work through your thoughts and sense your intuition.  You will gain clarity and messages regarding your life’s path. Uniting with nature grounds us and brings us into our soul essence again.

When eating a meal, give gratitude to all who participated in placing this food before you. Give thanks to all that is Divine and to Mother Nature for the sustenance this food will provide to you. Be mindful as you take in this nourishment for your body, mind, and spirit.

Saying daily affirmations is another way of meditation. These positive words change the thought patterns within our minds, lifting us to a higher vibrational energy. The higher our energy vibration is, the more self-love we experience and the more love we feel for others. 

Get creative! Doing any form of creative expression also creates a meditative state. Whether you paint, draw, art journal, scrapbook, photograph, cook, garden, write, sculpt, design jewelry, sew, etc., you will be using your right brain and opening up a space that eliminates so much mind chatter that derives from the left brain. Creativity flows when you go into this peaceful meditative space of the right brain.

Listening to guided meditations on You Tube is very effective right before bed. Rather than sitting up for this type of meditation, I lie flat on my back with my arms resting by my side. I close my eyes and relax into the guided journey. They slow the racing mind and prepare the breath for a restful sleep. I use my smart phone and my earbuds every night to create this space for myself. You can find videos anywhere between 15 minutes and on up. My favorite ones are at least 20 minutes long. When they are done, even if I have dozed off, I come back into the physical space, turn off the video, and go off to a great night’s sleep.

Reiki and Yoga create a time and space for me to meditate. So many messages and so much clarity is received during these special sessions. We receive Divine guidance when one focuses on breathing and the mind slows down. My preferences for yoga meditations are yoga-nidra and Kundalini yoga. You can also find some of these on You Tube, as well as in various books. 

Finally, just sit in silence. Being alone in a quiet space, even for only 5 minutes, can slow down a racing mind and heart and create balance. Below I have also placed a link to a very simple and calming meditation by Gabrielle Bernstein. I highly recommend her book, Miracles Now. There are 108 different methods for creating moments of balance and inner peace throughout our day. Watch the video below for a very effective one you can do right now.

Give yourself permission today to find ways to meditate. Take a walk alone, eat a meal alone and in silence, write some daily affirmations for yourself starting with “I AM…”, create something, visit You Tube and subscribe to some of your favorite channels, schedule a Reiki healing session, attend a yoga class or find a yoga meditation online, purchase a book such as Gabrielle Bernstein’s book on basic meditation techniques, or just sit in silence all alone. I use every one of these methods and more, and sprinkle them throughout my day. Any time you feel the tension rising, STOP and remember to take care of you. Breath into balance. Namaste.


Healing is Freedom


Today marks one full week since my freedom from a “job”.  I took a writing vacation for a few days and doubled the work that I previously spent several months creating. When writing about one’s life experiences, it is therapeutic and healing. 

You relive the stories and the emotions are often felt as if for the first time.  Reflecting on my life’s journey has allowed me to release old emotions and patterns that no longer serve me, and cherish and hold dear to my heart those occurrences that make me come alive.

The freedom to have the physical and emotional time and space to follow one’s dreams and life purpose can only be granted by our self. No one else can grant that to us. If we truly have a calling, we must take the leap in blind faith. We have within us the ability to follow our life purpose and to serve, however that may look.

The way it looks for me is traveling back through my life’s journey as I record it, all the while experiencing emotional and physical healing. Writing allows me to heal personally, as well as help my clients and students heal themselves. Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself to follow your inner calling, follow spirit.            




As I sit here in my studio in the middle of the night reflecting on the chapter I just finished in my life, I can say it was a happy ending for sure.  Although I went through many trying times at the camp and conference center where I worked for 5.5 years, and many times thought I could not bear one more day or one more outbreak of drama; it was the special relationships I built that got me through it.  

There are some people very dear to my heart that I bonded with that saw me through the good times and the bad, that became like family.  Some of those people have moved on to other chapters in their lives as well, and others remain there for the cause, whatever cause brought them there in the first place.

For me, the cause was Environmental Education.  Reaching up to 300 young lives each week, this program teaches students about our environment and how to take care of it.  Kids from all walks of life come to commune with nature while learning about it’s resources and how to preserve it.  The instructors are so knowledgeable and passionate about what they do, and they do it very well.  They each have a special teaching method they bring to the program and the organization as a whole.  This program and its amazing staff became very dear to me throughout my time there.  

Although I accepted the job so that I could support this program, my cause expanded to supporting the staff.  They became family soon after I started working there in early 2009.  I had the fortune of working with some amazing people that shared a mutual respect and admiration with me in our support of each other’s cause and duties.  Through my relationships and trials during my time there, I grew not only professionally, but spiritually.  I learned who I truly am and what my life’s purpose is.  

As I received very clear messages from all that is Divine that it was time for me to begin my next chapter and say goodbye, I was supported by my co-workers, peers, and dear friends that I will carry forward in my life.  These relationships that are dear to my heart will live on and they will continue to be guides along my path to purpose.  To those very special people, thank you for the most recent chapter in my book of life.  Now to write the next one.   

Next Chapter


I am on the last few pages of what seems like a very long chapter in my life. I must say I am eager to get to the end and see what the next chapter holds. I have learned many lessons in all the previous chapters and have grown as a result of each experience. I embrace the changes coming to me and have a fervent excitement about the unknown. Variety is the spice of life. For me, mystery is the spice of life.  

I am departing my full time salaried job with benefits. After receiving numerous messages from all that is Divine that it is time, I took the leap of faith. I do not have a road map of where I am going, nor do I have a plan of action if you will. I have blind faith. I feel so much peace knowing I am on my path to purpose. As this door closes, many more doors will open and I will have more opportunities to serve as a holistic healer.  

There is a lot of freedom in knowing you are following your own truth, your own path to purpose, as opposed to following someone else's expectations of what your path should look like. Everyone has their own truth, their own journey to take. No two are alike. We should always remember that. No two are alike.  

Comparing our path to someone else’s is comparing apples to oranges. They are both beautiful and full of their own unique color and flavor, but they are not the same fruit. Nor is that apple or orange like any other apple or orange respectively. Every one of is unique and has our own purpose, our own path to follow to the universal purpose of love.

So as I open the book to the last few pages of this chapter, I receive glimpses of what the next chapter might hold, but I am open to whatever that might be. I continue to grow spiritually with each chapter and know this next one will be that much more enriching. So continues the story of my life.  

Soul Mate


If you are fortunate enough to meet one of your soul mates in this lifetime as a human, your life will change forever in inexplicable ways if you are ready and open.  “By soul mate here I mean a mate from your soul-group, a being who has been furnished to you as an earthly guide, even as you are furnished to him or her” as defined by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.  You just know you knew this soul before your earthly existence, as there is an immediate connection.  

A true soul mate brings out our authentic self.  There are no charades, no hiding behind illusions; but the veils come off as our authentic self emerges, allowing us to see our truth.  When looking at a soul mate, they act as a mirror for us.  We begin to see their traits that we are drawn to in ourselves.  A look inward reveals freedom and the light of our soul.  This is empowering and joyful.  

In this context, this does not refer to a romantic partner, but a spirit guide or earth angel if you will.  Although a romantic partner can, and many times is, also a soul mate; I believe we can have more than one soul mate.  Since I feel they are merely souls from our heavenly soul-group, we can have more than one if we are open to it.  They are souls that we immediately are drawn to and that bring us into our divine.  I've been blessed with a small few.  

I cannot say I remember the exact first meeting in great detail I had with a woman that changed the course of my life in such enriching powerful ways, but I remember the conversations exchanged with several of my friends and new acquaintances that drew me to the meeting.  I also remember the feelings I had in the days to follow and the magnetic pulling I had to make her acquaintance again.  

...  (this part of the story removed so as to keep the individual's identity ambiguous)  ...

Upon reflecting on what my soul mate and friend has done for me personally, it is apparent how pivotal her presence in my life has been.  For me, I have became my true, authentic self.  Although I had been on a strong spiritual path for several years, and doing lots of soul searching and growing, it was my relationship with her that helped me look within myself for guidance rather than look outside myself for answers.  

The divine within me had it all.  The knowing and the truth.  When I was around my friend, I would be completely my true self.  There were no veils, no filters, no illusions of who I was, but just me.  The freedom and empowerment that yielded only made me grow as a person.  I never felt anything but joy in these encounters.  My bliss came from the uninhibited motion of life, the flow of higher vibrational energy.

My light shines so bright when I am around her, or even thinking of her and her beautiful soul.  She has a light that beacons to all within proximity of her.  Her laugh is contagious, her smile is inviting, her tears are heart wrenching, her dance is freeing, her artistry is full of positive and healing energy, her presence is divine.   

Finding one’s true authentic self; living one’s truth; following one’s passion and path to purpose; and healing one’s emotional and physical self all require an investment, a commitment of time, patience, love, and light. You must have a genuine relationship with yourself.  Like any good relationship, it does take a commitment of time, patience, love, and light.  

There are no quick fixes.  I so often hear people ask me if Reiki will “fix” them.  They ask about particular ailments and symptoms and want to know if Reiki will heal that issue.  They liken it to a pill that you take a couple of times and you feel relief.  

Holistic healing of any type is not just intended to relieve the symptoms, but to get to the root cause of the issue causing the symptoms.  Although you might feel immediate relief of physical symptoms, until the root cause is dealt with, the symptoms can recur.  I recommend at least 4 sessions over a period of a few weeks in order to get to the root cause, with continued maintenance sessions.  I also recommend that they not only work on this during Reiki sessions, but they listen to their intuition and the messages they are receiving from the Divine, God, Spirit, their guides, their guardian angels, etc.

Messages come in many forms.  They can come in dreams, in visions, and in everyday situations where we see synchronicities.  These are signs sent to us to show us the connections of things, just as a physical symptom is a sign connected to an emotional blockage.  Once we begin acting as a witness in our own lives and living in the moment, in awareness, we begin to see these connections everywhere we look.  This allows healing to begin.

When we begin living in the moment and going with the flow of our life rather than letting our ego self try to control everything, we begin to release expectations and control.  Reiki, as well as many other forms of holistic healing and spiritual growth avenues, can start us on that path of letting go of what no longer serves us.  Releasing expectations, judgements, fears, the need to control, and cords that bind us to our interpretation of the past or speculations of the future affords us the opportunity for true freedom.            

Invest in the relationship you have with yourself.  Make the commitment of time for yourself and for healing.  Begin a series of Reiki sessions.  Get Reflexology or therapeutic Massage, enter into gentle Yoga classes, begin meditating, learn QiGong or Tai Chi, take walks outdoors or merely spend time listening and observing nature, unplug, participate in creative expression through your chosen art form (writing, cooking, gardening, painting, photography, drawing, sewing, etc), engage in prayer, read books on healing and/or spiritual growth, etc.  Just invest in yourself and healing and the rest will all fall into place.   

Photo Credit © Rassouli

As I sit here this morning listening to the rain and relishing in this feeling of being so blessed with abundance, I am not sure what I want to write about today.  I have a peace about me, although my environment is not entirely peaceful.  I am choosing to stay at a higher vibration and keep this day for me.  A day of reflection and self-care is in order.  I feel called to work on my book some, read great words of wisdom, and create in my studio.  Perhaps I will art journal today.  It has been longer than I care to share and it is beckoning me back.  

The gardening I had planned today will be moved to a day filled with sunshine, but today is a day of rain, of cleansing, of washing away the old.  Planting new seeds and growing them with care will follow the cleansing.  This is the cycle of nature, of life.  I choose today to flow with nature and the cycles of life.  Love and light on this glorious day of cleansing:)  

photo credit Music Masters Oldies

Wings Take Flight


When giving Reiki to others, it is a like a dance.  Our energies blend and become one.  As the Practitioner, my job is to bring the client’s energy to a higher vibration allowing the body and mind to heal itself.  At times a session is very intense, as energy blockages move and release as needed.  I can pick up where the blockages are and most times the root cause.

Physical energy blockages stem from emotional energy blockages.  I help the individual release the root cause of the blockage.  I may or may not know exact details of what’s causing the blockage, but I do have an understanding of the overall underlying cause.  
With each additional session with a client, the bond and energy mergence increases.  I learn more and more about their energy and can track where and how it has moved.  A truly amazing experience for both the client and me is when they release something that was causing a blockage.  More and more layers are shed during each session, allowing more of the pain from the root cause to release.  

Occasionally clients will have a very spiritual experience during a session that I get to experience with them.  Sometimes the client and I experience things in the same manner, and other times we each have different messages or visions.  After each session my client first shares what they experienced and then I share with them what I encountered.  It is so beautiful to see how they always connect.  Synchronicities are our connection and affirmation of oneness.

I had an experience this week with a beautiful lady, inside and out.  She started out as a client that I met through a mutual friend, and became a dear friend and fellow traveler on this spiritual journey we have embarked on during our human experience.  She encouraged me to write about it, so this is my attempt to do so.  It was such a beautiful experience; I won’t be able to truly capture it with words.  

My friend suffers from aggressive shoulder pain on her left side.  We have spent several sessions working on releasing it.  I have seen dramatic improvement and gained insight in our first session as to the root cause of years of pain and discomfort.  

During our treatment this week, when she was lying on her back and facing up, I did a regular session while cleansing all of the chakras.  Typically a session is more intense in the first half of the session and more relaxed in the last half while they are on their stomach.  The session was going very well and she was completely relaxed and the energy was moving beautifully.  

I kept getting such a strong pulling to spending more time on her back after I would turn her over.  I received very strong messages that I would need to spend some additional time on her shoulders.  When I got down to her feet while she was still lying on her back, we immediately began astral traveling.  I felt like we were both flying through the cosmos.  It was not an erratic or bumpy ride, but very smooth and peaceful.  

When she turned over on to her stomach and I began to work on her head and upper chakras, we were surrounded by such beautiful energy.  When I placed both hands on her shoulders, we began to rock back and forth ever so slightly.  I had a vision of an angel.  I was then guided to place my hands in a different position than usual, starting with my hands on her right shoulder stretched out over the entire area.  The moment I placed my hands on her right shoulder blade, I immediately saw in my mind’s eye a vision of a huge white wing expanding out of her back.  I not only saw it, but heard it loud and clear.  It was so beautiful to see and hear that beautiful majestic wing span the room.  It was like nothing I had ever experienced.  I do have visits from angels on occasion, but never in such physical detail.

Next I moved on to the left shoulder and did the same hand placement.  I saw the paired wing try to flap up with great effort, only to fall back down flush with her body.  It appeared broken and damaged.  It continued its attempts at rising from the body and spreading into flight.  With each try, it lifted a little higher before it fell back down from the heavy weight of the injured wing.  

After what seemed liked several minutes, I could see the wing completely lift and could even hear the sound of it slowly rising, much slower than the right one had.  Upon completely raising in a slow fashion a couple of times, it increased its speed, lifting higher each time.  Then it happened. She took flight.  Both wings rose evenly and she could fly again.  Together we soared in a beautiful dance.  I felt us both travel through the majestic open sky.  The Reiki symbol for Rebirth kept coming to me.  

I began moving down the body to other points as we soared above the world.  As I redirected the energy towards descending, I set the intention of landing and easing from this out of body experience we were sharing.  As soon as I put my hands on her sacral chakra, the lower back, I actually felt us land with force.  We both actually moved from the slight jarring.  It was not too hard or painful, but very noticeable.  Simultaneously, I had a vision of her landing in a crouched position.  We finished the session and grounded while I focused on the Rebirth symbol.  

This experience was truly amazing.  She reported no pain after the session.  It was a wonderful, rare experience that I was so honored to be a part of.  Every Reiki session I have the luxury of participating in is truly a blessing that brings great healing to both the client and to me.  I am so grateful for my clients and for their willingness to share such beautiful, sacred experiences with me.  I am truly blessed to have been called to this healing modality and connection to oneness. 

Community is Home


Community, what is community?  It is defined in Webster’s as either “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common; or a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.”  

Nine years ago this month, my husband and I began looking around Denison, TX for a place to open our Adventure Sporting Good’s business, specializing in cycling, paddling, and running.  We had spent many years working on business plans, traveling in search of the right location, researching and testing products, and dreaming of this coming to fruition.  

We knew our location would be in a downtown setting that had a cultural blend.  We also decided being close to a lake was important in order to incorporate paddling, as well as our primary focus of trail running and mountain biking.  Since we spent so much time for years on Lake Texoma, we realized the need for something like this in Grayson County.

We began working with the Development Alliance and gathering demographics, as well as availability of properties for sale and rent.  One Saturday we ventured downtown to walk the sidewalks and get a feel for the community.  What we found told us immediately this was home.

We located a building we were very interested in.  It had a “For Rent” sign in the window and looked to be in really good shape for the age of the building.  Several of them needed significant work to bring them up to code, but this one looked move in ready.  We walked around the back and down the ally in an attempt to look inside.  We were greeted by a neighbor who saw us and came out to introduce herself.  

She was so welcoming and trusting of us and our intentions and invited us into her home.  Her and her husband lived in the loft upstairs and ran their amazing art gallery downstairs.  She called her husband and he came home quickly.  We had a very nice, long visit.  

Some of our ideas were discussed without divulging too much information, as these were by the way complete strangers, so we thought.  By the end of the visit that day, we had made 2 amazing new friends.  After we met with the landlord and had a family member who did construction and contract work check out the place, we suddenly were very serious about pursuing this.  Although we looked at a few other buildings, we were not completely comfortable.  This one felt right all the way.

As we began visiting other downtown art galleries, restaurants, and specialty shops in order to meet the locals and look into what the town had to offer, we were amazed at how quickly we were welcomed and friendships began to grow.  Local merchants encouraged us through the entire process.  They were excited to have such a specialty shop in their community.   

The owner and landlord of a few buildings downtown who restored them so beautifully befriended us and invited us to a gathering in his loft.  We were doing construction on the building and definitely not dressed for a party.  We also did not have anything to bring the gathering to share with others in the way of food or beverage.  We went anyway, as he was very charming and persuasive.  

We were immediately received with open arms by everyone and new relationships formed.  We were never treated like outsiders or discouraged from our dream of making our business work here.  We knew we were home, we truly felt it.  

The most difficult part was the fact that we lived almost an hour away and commuted daily.  This excluded us from many of the activities we were invited to, as after a full day of working and commuting, we ventured back home every night to spend a little bit of time together and with our pets.  However, we still found a nice balance of being involved in the community and living in another town.   

Fast forward 9 years later.  We had that business and location for 4 years.  It had its ups and downs as any business, but overall was an amazing experience.  We had wonderful customers and support, amazing neighbors and friends, and a sense of community that we embraced.  Due to various circumstances, we closed that business and accepted positions on Lake Texoma, keeping us somewhat in the area.  

Our close friends were all still in Denison and it was difficult to see them while working 30 minutes away and commuting every week-day almost an hour and a half.  Shortly after all of those years of commuting, we moved to Denison.  Although we were not involved in the downtown area as much, we maintained some friendships and relationships that had been built over the years.  It felt comfortable.  

I remained an active part of the community as an acting member of boards and committees, a patron of local merchants, a volunteer, and attendee of an occasional event as time allowed.  My husband fell ill and my involvement downtown gradually decreased over time, but never ceased.  I remained part of the community enough to know it was still home and always welcomed the familiarity of the community and the people.

Several months ago I opened my part time Reiki practice downtown and it just felt so right being a business owner downtown again.  Although I run my practice on a part time basis and hours that don’t always allow me to attend many downtown events, I thoroughly enjoy my time there running my practice, shopping, dining, and visiting friends on occasion.  

This week I attended a memorial.  It was a sad occasion and a difficult time for the family and friends of this beloved individual.  While standing in the back and listening to all the amazing words shared by so many I knew as friends and acquaintances in this community, I suddenly was hit with the most overwhelming feeling of love by the people that made up this community.  There was so much love for the gentleman who had passed, for his family who suffered two difficult losses in such a short time, and for all those in the room who shared in the lives with those lost.  

I realized I have had a loving community that is like family for 9 years, and had not seen it as such in a long time.  After closing the business and suffering my own pain around the loss of the business, the loss of a long time dream shared with my soul mate and husband, and the waning health of my spouse, I was just in survival mode.  I did not allow many who could have offered support into my world any longer.  I just survived and went through so much inner turmoil alone.  

While I have no regrets about my life’s path and am so glad I took the time to heal wounds and offer support to my dear husband on his path, I realize now that I am ready to be more involved in this community again.  So many times I felt like I did not really have a place here any longer, as I was not part of the circle.  I was an outsider who made the occasional appearance.  I realized that day, that I was not an outsider.  I was still part of that circle of family if I chose to be.  The warmth and love in that space was not excluding anyone.  If anyone was excluded, they were excluding themselves.  

Although some of my friends I shared such wonderful times and memories with downtown have moved on and are no longer living in the area, many of them are still here.  They embrace me with open arms every time we meet.  They are living their lives one day at a time just like I am.  They too have other priorities and obligations, but they remain a community of support.  What is community to me?  Community is home.

Terri Malek

Yesterday, as my husband and I were taking a walk around a small local lake and enjoying a beautiful sunny day, in conversation, I said the phrase, “you are what you eat and you are what you do”.  My husband then added “you are what you think”.  I put it all together as “you are what you eat, you are what you do, you are what you think”.  I truly believe this to be true.

We are a product of our thoughts and actions, not a victim of our circumstances.  We choose, whether consciously or sub-consciously, our health through the choices we make and the thoughts we entertain.  I recently read an article regarding the scientific nature of thoughts.  It said that a thought does not manifest into results until it has been focused on for 17 seconds or longer.  Although you may have an initial thought that is adverse or not of higher vibration, you can turn it around immediately before it manifests into something.  You can change your thought to a positive higher vibrational thought and manifest positive abundance and prosperity with it.  

For example, if you are tired and feeling overwhelmed you can think, “I don’t feel well” and then start giving energy to feeling bad.  Before you know it you are ill with something that will take time to recover.  If you think “I don’t feel well” and immediately change that thought to “I am tired so I will take some rest and recovery time to rejuvenate” and actually take it, you will feel good as new in no time.  You will not take on illness or dis-ease.  What you give energy to manifests every time.

Begin noticing your thoughts and the feelings and emotions that result from them.  You can start turning your thoughts into positive higher vibrational thoughts one thought at a time and manifest a powerful life of abundance in health, prosperity, love, and light.

Credits to Tim Malek for the quote and the inspiration.



On March 1st I started a 21 day Gratitude challenge.  I do a prayer of gratitude every morning and have for a couple of years, but for these 21 days, I am really focusing on gratitude in a powerful, transformational way.  I am doing my prayer of gratitude every morning before I even get out of bed rather than waiting until I’m ready for the day and possibly in a hurried mode.  I am declaring things I am grateful for throughout the day and sharing them with others when possible.  Before I go to bed, I am writing down ten things I am grateful for in a gratitude journal.  And finally, I am doing another prayer of gratitude before I drift off to sleep as well as setting intentions to receive messages during my sleep for clarity on my path.

This is only a bit into day three and it is a powerful practice.  I started my challenge on a day that I had two Reiki sessions with clients and then spent the evening with a group of beautiful souls sharing stories about releasing what no longer serves us.  On day two I spent a day of rest, relaxation, and healing.  On day three, I have been blessed with a snow day and shall spend that doing some writing and art work, as well as taking care of some things around my house.  

I am filled with gratitude that my first three days are spent taking care of my mind, body, and soul.  I will carry that forward and see what major life changes have happened by day 21 of this challenge.  I have received messages that March will be a very powerful month for me for life changes.  It is time for me to face a very large fear that I did not realize was buried deep within, a fear that ties to responsibility that must release its grip on my soul.  I am and will continue to be grateful for the changes to come and embrace them as part of my path.  Love and light to all, and may you declare daily what you are grateful for.  Enjoy this beautiful video that really touched my heart.  

Coping Tips for Empaths...


This article is amazing:  Coping Tips for Empaths to Help You Embrace Your Gift

Being an empath can be physically and emotionally draining. Many people are unaware that they’re an empath and do not know how to cope with this ability. Firstly, you should start to develop your "Shield Body", this is your protection bubble around your physical body (everyone and everything is energy and what you think you create). 

  1. Visualize your Shield Body
  2. Center of Being
  3. Don't Take On Responsibilities That Aren't Yours
  4. Develop & Open the Chakras
  5. Some exercises that help to enhance the chakras are:  
  • Develop Your Root Chakra 
  • Visualization
  • Smudging And Clearing Regularly
  • Take a Clary Sage Bath
  • Feeding Your Root Chakra - Grounding
  • Physical but not competitive exercise 
  • Develop Your Throat Chakra
  • Develop Third Eye Chakra
  • Support brain health
  • Support healthy brain function and you automatically support your third eye chakra 
  • Feeding Your Third Eye/Brow Chakra - Awakening Third Eye Senses  
  • Solitude

The full article written by Lisa Morris is very informative and I encourage you to visit the link to read more...

No Mistaking


Mistakes      (republished article from  December 2013)

Today I am thinking of the concept of “Mistakes”.  I see so many posts on Facebook, daily affirmations, and articles about releasing the past mistakes we have made and forgiving ourselves for said mistakes.  “Mistake” is not a word that is a part of my vocabulary.  Perhaps this just my own ego talking, or my own illusion; however, I feel that the opposite is true.  I feel that my soul knows that the notion of a “mistake” is an illusion created by judgment of the ego.  

We are beautiful souls given the opportunity to have a human experience on this amazing earth.  We are part of the infinite, magnificent whole.  Serving Purpose is our reason for being.  If we stray away from of our piece of the whole, our individual path to the whole, we will be presented with a learning experience so that we can grow in love and light.  If we continue to follow the same patterns we have created within our human selves that are not serving the whole or Purpose, we will continue to cycle back through the same or similar experiences until we learn the lesson being presented.  

This is not a “Mistake”, but a lesson, a teacher, a guide to direct us on our path to Purpose.  If we look at our lessons as “Mistakes”, then we have to go through a long and painful cycle of forgiveness of ourselves.  If we remove judgment and look at these experiences with a witnessing eye rather than a judgmental eye, we will clearly see the lesson and move along our path to Purpose without all of the emotional turmoil that “Mistakes” can cause.  Happy Learning!

Unknown photo credit.  Found on Google Images.

Our emotions drive the health of our physical bodies.  We develop mental thought patterns that create karmic and emotional blockages, which in turn create blockages in our bodies.  These blockages are what cause pain, ailment, and illness.  Our thoughts create dis-ease in the body.  “Dis” is a Latin prefix meaning “apart” or “away from”.  Dis-ease is a state apart or away from “ease”, or balance.

We carry our masculine energy in the right side of our body and our feminine energy in the left side.  The goal of Reiki is to balance the two energies, creating harmony in our mind, body, and soul.  Although this is a continual process throughout our lives, creating balance within us in order to maintain happiness, health, and harmony; living a holistic lifestyle can help us maintain our balance more often than not.  When we learn how to witness our lives rather than controlling them, we depend more on our intuition to recognize when we are out of balance.  Learning the skills to bring us back to balance is the key to a peaceful life, because peace starts within us.

An example of this would be if we have repeat pain or injuries in the right side of our body, we are struggling with emotions tied to a masculine figure.  This can be a relationship with a male figure in our life.  The root cause ties back to the experiences we had with them to create our own imbalance with our masculine energy.

This could be as simple as a memory with a male figure, or a lifetime of adverse patterns that created these emotions.  For example, one might have experienced constant conflict with their father growing up and felt that no matter what they did to please him; he did not appear to notice.  This will cause a lifetime struggle with one’s masculine energy until they identify the pattern and release it.  Although the past cannot be changed, our perception of it can.  

Reiki can help release the patterns and fill us with love and light for ourselves.  It will help us realize that the opinion of others does not matter.  It is our opinion of our self that matters.  If we love our self and are true to our self, the opinions of others are just that, their opinions.  No one else can define who we are unless we give them that control.   

This photograph displays some basic information relating an area of pain to generic emotions or thought patterns that may be causing blockages.  Reiki releases those karmic and emotional patterns should we choose to allow it.  In my Reiki practice, I learn early on what is ailing the client physically.  Before I even start a session, I relate the pain to a generic emotion resulting from a generic thought pattern.  As I work with the client I often learn the specific life experience or set of experiences they may have had that created the original thought pattern that resulted in an emotional blockage.  I work on releasing the old patterns and opening them up to self-love and acceptance.  I encourage you to try Reiki healing in order to release the old and open yourself up to a whole new balanced you.  

Unknown photo credit. Found on Google images.

Whether I give myself Reiki through hands on healing sessions, or distance Reiki through symbols and mantras, I do give myself Reiki every day. I started this daily care in April 2013.  It has been life changing. I have been cleaning out emotional and physical blockages day by day for ten months. 

What has changed for me? I have moved to a space of love and light most of the time, allowing me to live my higher self and serve the better good. I have been cleaning out karmic and emotional blockages, debris, and patterns that no longer serve me. Life experiences from my entire life have unfolded one by one and I have seen what negative patterns have been created out of these experiences. 

My work has included identifying these patterns and their cause, making peace with them, and releasing the residual effects of those circumstances. We can’t change the experiences, but we can change how we perceive them. If we look at them as life lessons and embrace the opportunity to grow, we will flourish and over time blossom into our divine self. Our energy vibration will change to a higher frequency and will ripple out into the world for all to benefit from.      

My physical pain I carried with me as a reminder of my emotional pain has lifted. Although I may have the occasional pain related to weather or an injury, I do not carry it with me, but have methods to release it. The physical pain is there to remind us that we are carrying it, but we don’t have to. Pain and suffering does not reside in a higher vibrational energy space. Peace and joy reside in a higher vibrational energy space and that is where Reiki can help you reside.

The process of cleaning out old debris and patterns can be an emotionally painful one. Until we work at understanding the patterns and clean out the debris, we will continue to feel physical and emotional pain and suffering. But by making the decision to do the work and releasing what no longer serves us, we are liberating our souls to be free. We open ourselves up to learn what our purpose is here on this earth, our purpose as a spiritual being having a human experience. 

I know personally, I would rather clean out the debris, break the patterns, and be free of pain and suffering. Spending a few months of cleaning out blockages and learning daily lifestyle skills to maintain that space, as opposed to carrying it with me for a lifetime, is definitely the right choice for me. I will continue to do the daily work and remain open to cleaning out the old and making room for the new, for rebirth. I encourage you to look into Reiki energy healing and see how it can free your soul today. Love and light my friends. 

Photo courtesy of Reiki, Medicine, and Self-Care

What a great way to start the year off in my Reiki Practice. I have had the pleasure of working with 3 new clients, as well as continued treatments with several existing clients. Distance Reiki sessions were sent to several people and situations each day as well. Each time I do Reiki, my heart fills with even more love and light.  

The month of January brought clients to repaired family relationships that were in ruin; understanding of karmic and emotional patterns, allowing shedding and opening up for rebirth; clarity on emotional ties to past and present medical conditions, affording individual healing to begin; finding direction on their path and their life’s purpose; elevated emotional energy in everyone; reunited love relationships; healing of chakras blocked for long periods of time; etc.  

Reiki is so powerful, beyond what words could ever describe.  I am excited about what the month of February will bring.  I start each month off with a 21-day challenge where I send distance Reiki to an individual or group of individuals that I am led by the divine to offer healing to.  This month I was called to send to a very special woman for a very special reason.  I am blessed to have this opportunity.  

I also have several clients on the books already and will be offering my first Reiki class in 2014 on February 22nd for First Degree Reiki.  It is going to be a special month.  I invite you to learn more about Reiki and give it a try when you are ready.  Love and light to all.



As I briskly walked in almost a run across the white rock road, feeling the bitterness of the 11 degree morning, I felt the shooting pain from my left hip. I realized my hip was giving out and would not allow another step due to the crippling pain. Although I was moving fast, things went in slow motion as the thoughts became very clear to me.  

My inner voice said, “Let go, roll with the fall, embrace it the best you can”. I then realized I could not stop the fall.  I was going down regardless.  The word “surrender” came to me very clearly, so I did. On the next step of the left foot I went down onto the rock road.  The palms of my hands hit first. As I felt the sting, I realized if I rolled I would not injure my hands and wrist as much. The bulk of my fall was on my left hip, then left knee, then every body part I have from there, or so it seemed at the time. I was rolling down a hill and rolled about 4 times. Then I stopped.  I was in a lot of pain physically, but somehow at peace emotionally.  

I tried to get back up, but my left leg still would not work and I fell back down with a hard thud. I did not have a phone on me, so I crawled to the nearest building (in front of me a few feet) and unlocked the door with the keys that were in my pocket. I managed to get over to the phone and call for help.

It turns out I was completely fine. Precaution was taken and ice packs applied, a holistic natural plant based anti-inflammatory taken, and later a hot Epsom and sea salt bath. A few minor scrapes and bruises later I realized I was completely fine and had such a peace about me. I was exhausted and wanted rest, but it was not emotional or mental exhaustion.  

The day prior I had an epiphany about an issue I had been working on resolving for a few days having to do with some karmic blockages. My fall was my metaphor for letting go of control of the process. The message was sent to me to surrender and go with the flow and it would not be so bad. A few minor scrapes and bruises are nothing compared to hanging on to the debris that needs to be released. I feel great now and am grateful for the hard lesson.  



To humble ourselves brings compassion and opens us up to the ability to apologize, which opens us up for forgiveness.  What are we apologizing for; for our behavior and how it affected another individual, or for our behavior and how it affected us, or both? To forgive is not to forgive other people, but to forgive ourselves.  Without forgiving ourselves, can we really forgive someone else, can we really move on?  

I think what we are really doing is forgiving our self for any guilt, blame, or shame we have taken on.  Due to conditioning of societal ways and judgments from others, patterns are created.  With each new incident these patterns are repeated.  It’s how we perceive the circumstances in our lives that determine what patterns emerge.  

If we realize that what others do they are doing to themselves, and what we do we are doing to ourselves, we only have to forgive ourselves and peace will emerge.  Love and light on this beautiful day.



I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new blog. Welcome! This is a space where I will be sharing about holistic living and lessons I’ve learned on my personal path.  Tips and tricks on healing, nutrition, organic living; recipes; and ideas of my own or from respectable resources will be posted here.  Values and ethics I adopt will be shared.  Philosophical topics I resonate with as I journey through this life, and experiences I have with Reiki and energy healing will be at the forefront of this blog page. I invite you to visit regularly if any of these topics are of interest to you. Thank you for being a part of my journey and Happy Holistic Living