Inner Child Healing 21 Day Program – Distance Healing

Inner Child Healing 21 Day Program – Distance Healing


PROGRAM: I am launching another brand NEW 21 day healing program for healing the Inner Child! I have offered several different programs that work with or touch on the Inner Child in various forms. This 21 day Program will include daily distance healing sessions, inspiration, and teachings with the intention for you to connect to your Inner Child at a deep level, all aspects.

This program offers a gentle, more subtle, and practical way to get to know the aspects of your Inner Child. This journey does not have to be daunting, distressing, or fear inducing. We will be building a relationship with our Inner Child that grows stronger every day. Become her very best friend, and watch her THRIVE!

From April 21st - May 11th embark on a journey with me to free your attachment to core wounds, learn about your patterns that are holding your Inner Child hostage, integrate her back into your whole self, and emancipate your soul!

BONUS: This program will include additional content not typically presented in a 21 day program. In addition to the daily distance 1 hour session offered and the 3 weekly videos via Facebook LIVE, I will be adding frequent exercises that will allow you to see into your sub-conscious, into the unknown aspects of your shadows. This will be an educational and healing program all wrapped up into one.

…….And 1 other BONUS, there will be more frequent channeled messages coming in to guide us and empower us as we FREE that Inner Child from any shackles that she wears, from the cage she has been residing in, from the corner she was placed in by society.

There will be a FB Private Group set up where content will be posted, and I will do a LIVE video with option to watch the replay once a week during this 3 week period.

Please join me if you feel called. Payment plans will be available should you need that. Please join me for this powerful change in your life, and give your Inner Child her life back.

NOTE: You do not have to be present during a specific time daily, but merely set your intention each night as you go to bed to receive the healing and transmissions. You can visit the Facebook group as time allows participating there. The FB LIVE videos will be scheduled on Tuesday evenings during the program at 7pm CDT, and will be available for replay.

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