Seven Sacred Flames 21 Day Program – Distance Healing

Seven Sacred Flames 21 Day Program – Distance Healing


PROGRAM: I am launching another brand NEW 21 day healing program for the Seven Sacred Flames! I have worked with these flames for more than five years with much potency. I share these with my students and clients as called. I am now being called to offer the healing energies of these flames with those called to participate and learn more.

I have received transmissions over the years from those who govern The Seven Sacred Flames; the Chohans, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Elohim. The Seven Sacred Flames we will be working with are:

1.The Blue Flame - The Will of God/Source
2.The Yellow Flame - Illumination & Wisdom 
3.The Pink Flame - Divine Love of God/Source
4.The White Flame - Ascension
5.The Green Flame - Divine Healing
6.The Golden Flame - Resurrection
7.The Violet Flame - The Flame of Transmutation

This daily distance healing will involve going into the temple of each of these flames as I take each of you at a soul level with me to offer deep healing within each flame. I will work in the flame associated with the energy of each day, to be shared to those entering the program. This will allow us to work with a new flame each day of the week for three weeks. There will be daily posts advising which flame we are working with for that day, and sharing of messages that come in. Recorded guided meditations into the different flames will be shared as well.  

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