Shamanic Ceremony & Akashic Intuitive Retrieval & Healing

Shamanic Ceremony & Akashic Intuitive Retrieval & Healing

375.00 750.00

This Shamanic Akasha Soul Healing connects both the Earth energies and elements with the Akasha (ethers) yielding a powerful integration. This inclusive means of connecting the soul with all of your higher and lower bodies allows each individual to come into alignment with the Source Self that they are. By integrating earthly and celestial energies with all of the bodies, soul fragments mend and a state of alignment comes into one's daily life.

This Shamanic Akasha Soul Healing experience offers; Information for all six Soul Segments:

  • Soul Group (Family) Origination

  • Archangelic Realm Training

  • Life Lessons

  • Soul Trainings

  • Places, Periods, & Spiritual Traditions

  • God Sparks & Gifts.

This Service offers in depth details per segment, as well as facilitates the beginning of the healing process that will allow the integration of this information. A twenty-one day practice for you to utilize in transmuting the blockages into healing energy, as well as to repair any damage sustained on an energetic level will conclude the service.

NOTE: We will schedule a 2 hour distance session where you are present energetically during the Shamamic Ceremony and the initial access and reading in the Akashic Records. The rest of your time commitment will be in listening to the audio files and doing the 21 day healing practice sent to you upon completion of the work. All information will be sent via email in the form of images, written summary, and audio recordings.

6 hours of retrieval and healing, findings delivered in 3 audio recordings, 21 day practice, Investment $750.

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