Who Am I? I AM... 1 Time Payment in Full

Who Am I? I AM... 1 Time Payment in Full


Introductory Rates through 2018. Who AM I? I AM …

This program will allow participants to dive in deep and learn the four main characters that make up the whole of who they are. We will identify and name each of them based on beliefs, behaviors, instincts, and desires. 

We will build an intimate relationship with each one of these dispositions through exploration into our consciousness and sub-conscious, our lightness and our darkness. This offers the opportunity to identify the root and learn about the energy behind the traits we embody. We will then integrate each of the four characters together into one main individual and assign it a power name that best represents our identity, the whole of who we are, the SELF. 

Do you have aspects of you that you ignore; are afraid of; don’t understand; are ashamed of; that bring you feelings of guilt; that you hide at all cost; that comes in the harshest ways when backed into a corner; that brings you absolute sadness; that experiences states of depression; that feels alienated, neglected, or abandoned; or that is unloved, undervalued, and unappreciated? If any of these apply to you, understanding and building a relationship with these aspects of you will allow you to transform these thoughts and feelings into love, acceptance, embrace, and empowerment of all of you as a whole.

I have created this program through an alchemical union of my training, skills, expertise, and experiences. My blending of knowledge is derived from my background in Psychology and Philosophy, Energy Therapy, Consciousness Living©, Universal Laws, Metaphysics, several forms of Archetypal work, Shadow Work, and consulting with Tim Malek utilizing some of his theoretical hypothesis within Psychology and Philosophy. 

This is a six month program, and you can go at your own pace. Content in the form of videos and PDF document files will be released in modules once a month for six months, beginning on August 27, 2018. New content will be released on the 27th of each month through January 2019. Content will continue to be available to registrants once each module is released, and you can visit it at any time. 

Finally, there will be a closed Facebook group you will be added to should you choose to participate. Monthly LIVE videos for each module will be conducted with me to include questions and answers regarding the progress of the program. Participants will have an opportunity to share with each other on the group’s page. 

Are you ready to dive into your darkness and shadows in a very gentle way in order to truly get to know yourself? Are you ready to nurture the hidden aspects of you that have been alienated, neglected, and abandoned? Is it time for you to take your journey to the next level of consciousness expansion? If so, I would love to work with you in discovering the I AM that you are, learning to accept and love it, and embracing and owning it fully. 

Three payment options are available. 

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